Monday, December 5, 2011


oh, you know back when i mentioned i had all this stuff to talk about? well, i forgot this week was finals week. three kids, a full time job, and a full time student? yeah yeah i am tooting my horn hoping someone will pass me a medal. i deserve one, no? totally kidding.

so one down, one major important one to go i thankfully have passed some kidlet duties onto my mother in law so i can get my precalculus text done tomorrow then i will possibly be back to regular scheduled programming! rowan has her school christmas show tomorrow (where i promise i will ugly cry in delight that my baby is a preschooler that does real people things like sing songs and do hand movements) so of course there will be video later this week, and then you can cry too.

we are almost totally done christmas shopping - i feel totally on top of the world about it! girls wise i just have to put together zoe's fort in a bag which will be easy peasy then we have to plan and shop for the sil, bil's, and parents then done done done.

i am trying to talk tim into a new years eve slash house warming party that i have been trying to squeeze into our hectic life so we will see how that goes. this weekend zoe is here and i was able to pass off or cancel all of my weekend shits - that means we will be cramming as much holiday fun into the weekend is possible before the girls head to their dad's for actual christmas, sad face.
so that was a mouthful, are you still listening?

i will be back soon with something other than ig photos and random nonsense to share.

ps, i love this photo i scored of stella - i just wish it was lighter, such a sweet moment! she has been so good with the tree, she hasn't pulled a single ornament off and just like to every once and a while touch them lightly with her hands and squeal about how exciting they are.


melissa rohr said...

I am so jealous you are almost done with your shopping.  I haven't even started!  O and by the way, I do think you deserve a medal! :)  Good luck with your finals and happy holidays!

melissa rohr said...

I have not even started shopping. I think I'll just hide out until the new year and maybe no one will notice.