Monday, December 19, 2011


i have been really feeling the anticipation of christmas building today- i am excited for family, and liquor, and cinnamon rolls, seeing my kids open their carefully selected gifts, and laughing, and stockings. this week is killer too, even though it is filled with late till 1am shifts at work; the bigs are at their dad's till the 26th so it is just me and stella trying to fill our day - in the end i really do just a lot of removing the toddler from standing on the counters. are you all ready for christmas?
on a tangent, i am feeling so torn! we have tmobile but i have a jail broken iphone, which runs on tmobile's slowest network and doesn't have all the capabilities/functionality that it would with say at&t. but, i love my phone. i am up for a upgrade and i could get the samsung galaxy which is rumored to be one of the best phones out there, but it just isn't an iphone. is it totally weird if i said that if android would hurry and get on the instagram bandwagon i would switch back in a heartbeat? i think at this point all of my other favorite itunes apps are available in an android version. we are stuck with tmobile for awhile till our contract runs out - if i upgrade that sticks us for two more years. we can cross our fingers hard that tmobile gets the rights to the iphone soon but everything we read says there is nothing for certain, basically that it would screw at&t if they did because of their amazing plans/rates. ugh, what is a girl to do? #firstworldproblems
so, rant over and i am way behind on my weekly iphone link up but i want to share our going-ons anyway:


melissa rohr said...

I have a Samsung Galaxy S, and I have to say it seems pretty equivalent to my sister's iPhone. 

melissa rohr said...

My boyfriend has a Galaxy phone and he loves it, but I am an iphone girl myself. You are right, it's all about the instagram. And really, I just like the way it looks. We have AT&T, but I'd switch to tmoble in a heartbeat if they got the iphone.

melissa rohr said...

Just thought I'd share a status i saw on my FB a couple days ago. "No
more Samsung Galaxy S phones for me again EVER! My phone started doing
this weird signal and then no signal thing for hours tonight. Took it to
Verizon, where it will be replaced with a brand new one but was told
that "there have been a lot of problems with this phone." So, CS is
getting an earful from me soon and I am going to get a new, free phone."

Also another friend commented on there that she absolutely hated her Galaxy as well and is going back to the iPhone and will never switch again.

Maybe that'll help your decision maybe not :) either way I love T-Mobile but I want an iPhone too. I want all the neato apps they have for iPhone but are terribly slow getting for android.