Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mckinley Pauline Durfee

if you follow me on any social networking sites you know that i got a new niece last weekend on december 1st at 3:55pm, what a cool birthday 12/1 which is even color that her mommy's is 12/12...erie! after keeping us on our toes for twenty-four + hours of labor she made her entrance at 7lbs and 22 inches long, pure perfection.
my sister brought her over today to try and score some photos while she is in the floppy mold-able age of less that ten days old, it didn't go quite as planned - little miss wanted to be awake and play and anytime we would get her to sleep she would do great till we tried to get her nakey, she wasn't having it. hence why when we attempted a hammock/knot pose she is also swaddled :) a lot of them look the same, but i just couldn't throw out a single one with her expression changing by the second, it was so adorable.
i am really happy with a lot of what turned out - now i am off to whip up an announcement for her.
meet kiney p, the newest member of our family:

these last couple are from the hospital, i had forgot i had them on my camera and opened up the folder today to have a blaring placenta in my face while i was eating lunch, whoops! i will spare you that photo though, you're welcome.


melissa rohr said...

OH my goodnesss - these are so sweet.

melissa rohr said...

They turned out amazing! Picture #5 needs to be on a big canvas!