Friday, December 16, 2011

of course that just happened.

i needed to go into my room to get something, where the blonde was napping after a lot of protest. i tried to quietly operate the child cover on the door, nope it was all sorts of loud. then i tried to navigate the room to the bathroom doing a little better, nope i stepped a plastic bag on the floor, banged my retrieved item on the door frame twice, i stepped on some wrapping paper scraps, and the bathroom door creaked loudly when i pushed it open - i shot a quick glance at rowan and not even a stir out of her, i was safe. then trying to get out of the room my wrist cracks and she sits right up. what the heck.


melissa rohr said...

lol my nephew is the same way, drums could be going off, but the least little noise will wake up him

melissa rohr said...

This happens to me ALL THE TIME. Sigh.

melissa rohr said...

haha! yep! that sounds familiar. happens to me all the time too.