Wednesday, December 7, 2011

rowan's first preschool christmas show, the one where i laugh cried the entire time.

after last night it was confirmed we pay for preschool for this reason alone. pure entertainment.

i can't decide what is funnier in these videos...the kid in the red vest, the boy in the back throwing himself all over, the fact in one they totally miss the other classes changing to a different chorus, or my child who is alternating picking both nostrils at the same time and having her whole hand in her mouth. dead.


melissa rohr said...

OH EM GEE!!  So stinkin' cute! Hudson's is next Wednesday and I can't wait!  

melissa rohr said...

I would seriously get my kid on some ritalin asap if that was my kid up at the top. omg, he was too much!

Super cute of Rowan, though!

melissa rohr said...

i know, right? i kept thinking if that were my kid he would totally be getting mocking throat slicing hand gestures, ha.

melissa rohr said...

i about died, haha my fam was sitting on the other side and they were laughing at me because i was laugh/crying so hard.