Sunday, December 18, 2011

using what i had, to wrap it up.

for some reason it is SUPER important to my dad that all gifts be wrapped to the nines (does that reference even work here?) but yet some how i always am the one who ends up doing it. i get putting extra love and attention into a wrap job, i really do - but i feel that it is a wasted effort on a group of small children who could care less if their present were wrapped in dirty underwear.
but i do it anyway and this year i did it with stuff i already had around the home! no last minute trips to target in search of a deal. i had already picked up one giant roll of paper from costco like i always do, it is double sided, sturdy, and gets the whole job done. before i got started i wandered around the house grabbing yarn, clothespins (which i haven't used yet), doilies, and more. then, thanks to pinterest i got the idea to enlist the help of my trader joe's holiday paper bags in my wrap job - they were exactly the last touch i needed!
i still need to wrap our gifts to the girls - same paper, but i want to do something different for the "little somethin' extra," i love the ideas i saw over at armommy on facebook and might have to try a few.
are you all done wrapping yet? did you do anything fun and different this year to really wow the recipients?