Tuesday, January 31, 2012

felt masks!

the possibilities are endless...
this weekend was our niece, vivian's 2nd birthday (her and stella are less then two months apart!) - it was zoo themed, and we were asked to come dressed as an animal if we wanted. even with bins and bins of dress up attire, unfortunately we didn't have anything that we could make a good animal out of, so i hit up pintrest of course.
i searched 'felt masks' because i knew i wanted felt as a material - it is so inexpensive and easy to work with. i found the fox right away - it was exactly what i was looking for! the bear i had to get a little more creative with, i found some links for etsy shops and combining a few looks of my favorites, i sketched out this guy - who kind of looks more like a ewok/koala/dog, but rowan was happy with it and everyone guessed she was a bear right away!
stella still wears her fox mask daily - she loves it! i can't wait to make them more to add to their dress-up collections. i have even been eyeing up this little diy, and even picked up some of the supplies the other day!
here is the pattern i used: fox mask, via http://feelincrafty.wordpress.com/tag/fox-mask-tutorial/
just a small tip, after having to throw away my first attempt. i sewed everything together before i traced and cut the eyes out - you don't have a ton of error room and it makes it hard navigating your stitches around the eye holes if you pre-cut them. also, you might want to play with the size - this mask was pretty small, and even stella had a hard time seeing out of the eye holes with her little bebe eyes.


i had to steal this from amanda, stella and ellie have been taking a dance class together and since i always forget my camera, i asked amanda to snap a few last week. how cute is she?


new hairs, big zit, no make up, horrible eyebrows, little sleep, total self confidence - this is my real life, people.

Obsessing over…
organizing, cleaning, a system, a schedule, life.
Working on…
a 4.0 and stella's 2nd birthday party.
Thinking about…
our next house project - entry way makeover? painting the girls room?
being pregnant again.
Listening to…
the littles giggle.
chai tea latte
for a money tree to sprout in my backyard. wishing, hard.

linking up with the paper mama for her self-portrait challenge!

Monday, January 30, 2012

my town: in awe.

there isn't anywhere else i would rather call home...


the daily preschool photo project is still going strong! i need to figure out what to do with them when the year wraps up in may - right now i am thinking of printing them out, laminating them, and putting them on a ring clip so she can flip through them to her hearts content!
here are some of my favorites lately:
these are in chronological order, starting with the newest - do you think she has changed any in the last five months of preschool?

kindergarten>kindergarten : weighing some options

ok, i am getting way ahead of myself - but this week, we are registering rowan for her pre-k class at our beloved preschool and it has me thinking about registration the next year...

(pre-k? as in rowan only has a year of school left before kindergarten, or "people" school as she calls it. wait, when did this happen? #denial)

we have the opportunity to continue our relationship with bethlehem christian school, into kindergarten - they offer half and full day options at a very reasonable cost and let's be honest, we love this school - pajama day? yes! multiple productions put on by fidgety, nose picking 4 y/o's? um, sure! field trips and whacky wednesday? sign us up!

then there is the bottom line, this is a religion based education with class sizes in the fifteens - zoe, goes to public school where there is almost thirty kids in her class, this knots my stomach and makes me think - how can these kids possibly be getting the attention and time they need from their teachers at this age?

here is where i am torn down the middle though - do kids this age form important bonds the first year of elementary school? am i robbing rowan of an important step in making friends if she starts at public school a year later then the kids she will be with till high school? (she goes to preschool a city over, where virtually none of the kids there will go to her public school) or are they still so young that it isn't important?

this all being said - rowan is a very vibrant, heart on her sleeve gal who has no problem approaching kids and welcoming them into her life.

i would love to hear you weigh in on this - have you gone through a similar choice? pros? cons?

Saturday, January 28, 2012

can we talk about how my kid can't get over christmas?

i feel like i am in the middle of the movie santa clause, you know the one with tim allen, right after charlie finds out his dad is...you, know, the big guy and he is playing sleigh in his room in august or something?
that is rowan - she draws him, sings about him, talks about him, waits by the window for him, literally wants to grow up and be santa (ok, that hasn't come up yet, but...). it is equal parts hilarious, endearing, and totally frightening. ok, it is a little annoying too - constantly hearing about next christmas when i am just ready for it to be over forty degrees out.
is this a normal four year old shinanagin? zoe never was like this, this is new territory for me. i am not literally worried, but i can't help but laugh!

valentines day: window craft

thanks again martha for the idea - rowan and i had so much fun making this guy last weekend, and it looks absolutely gorgeous in our front window!

wax paper
pencil/crayon sharpener
an iron
kraft or parchment paper
strudy sticks in any size, shape, or form
fishing line

you start out by choosing the color/s you want your hearts to be, then get to work sharpening them down into a pile of shavings (thin and small!) - you don't really need a ton as you spread them out and they go a long way.

i did two different sheets in the two color mixtures - i pulled out a good length of my wax paper and the folded it in half 'hamburger', i spread out my first color/s of shavings then sandwiched my folded wax paper between the kraft paper (for protection from the wax on your iron).

I was brave and went with a pretty high setting to ensure a good quality melting, this worked pretty good and i would periodically lift my paper to make sure there weren't any lumps.

once i had a nice sheet of the melted art, i got to work cutting out my hearts - i pre made a template to trace so they were all the same size, but you can do whatever!

(i had sent tim and the girls out on a dual task earlier in the day - to collect sticks and wear the girls out for naptime! they did a great job finding me some good options)

when my hearts were all cut out i ran a strip of glue along the backs and attached my fishing line at the desired length. then i tied them to the branch, hung a piece of line for hanging and picked our window!
let me know if you try it out!

Friday, January 27, 2012

you, know...

when your kid randomly says at dinner, 'oh, sorry mommy - i accidently pushed the red button on the left.' then goes back to her business and all you can do is blank stare at your husband trying to mind read what she could possibly be talking about.


don't stare to closely, but this is jessica, on a whim i made her for rowan this week - after throwing away three terrible, totally wrong in some spot or another doll skins, this ok one was produced. ha - i think i like to fool myself into thinking i am some amazing sewer when i jump into these projects, but alas i guess i am not. maybe it is that i move to fast and then jessica number one's left arm is only half attached and spilling rice everywhere or i bought too thick and too hard to turn right side out canvas so i tried to pass a arm less jessica number two over to stella.

either way i am going to keep working on it and get a perfect one! i have visions of making them aprons, mary-janes, and capes for the girls to dress them up with. i even bookmarked some 'tattoo' fabric on etsy, thinking how adorable would that be if their arms were tattooed? i was dyeing when i found that hounds-tooth fabric for their legs - so cute and it came in tons of colors which i made note of for future dolls - you know, that aren't missing or dangling limbs.

I made this one with rice in the legs and arms - which did not work for me since and was spilling into my sewing line causing all sorts of problems. lesson learned.

here is the pattern and tutorial i used.

the video is helpful and i ended up copying my pattern a bit larger so the doll would be bigger. i wouldn't suggest getting real stiff canvas for the face and arms, mine totally fell apart or absolutely refused to turn right side out. i also some some awesome options for iron on doll faces or other things you could use to make these dolls one of a kind - i had gotten some fun bright pink dangly fuzzy ball decor for stella's armless doll but i am sure you can picture how that turned out for me, haha.

she isn't perfect, but you know what, rowan LOVES her and that is all that really matters.

are we friends yet?

isn't funny to think how ten years ago, hardly any of us were part of any online social networking? i didn't even get a myspace until 2004 but obviously, that was my gateway drug. now, i participate in about all there is but my favorites are these...are we friends yet?

twitter, @olive_juiced
instagram, olive_juced
facebook, https://www.facebook.com/olive.juiced (i just use my personal one, life is too dang crazy to try and maintain another page)

hope to see you there!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

sweet + silly

"our house"

the "our house" button is now up and running, over there to your right! i have posted our tentative (and long) to do list, along with a few links to the big projects we have completed so far. i get a new crazy idea everyday and some new form of side eye from tim to go along with it, so i have a feeling the diy may never end - but i'll sure have a cool house when it does! check it out and let me know what you think!

sensory boxes.

i couldn't believe my eyes when stella sat and played for an extended time, with a sensory box set out at her little friends birthday party. you can bet that bright and early the next day i was headed out to make this magical toy ours.
two bags of split peas
rubbermaid container (i choose a larger, well-latching one)
the cheapest pack of plastic creatures i could find

as long as stella doesn't have anything in the bin that resembles a shoveling tool, we are good to go and stay relatively mess free. this has kept both kids entertained in those moments of the day where i might pull my hair out if i can't reign them in unwind and regroup. i can't wait to pick up more supplies to switch out in our sensory box - noodles, oatmeal, and moon sand are on the agenda.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

new house progress :: the fireplace

i don't claim to be any sort of chevron genius - but i think they turned out pretty good! 
after all of you listened to me complain on ig and twitter about how i was desperate for an idea to make over this 'too small for our tv' odd space they feel the need to put in new homes these days. i mean, a tv over the fireplace? is that really even a good idea? then where do you put your components without wires all over? dumb.

i just decided how big i wanted each chevron and measured the first one, then measured down from the three points of the triangle with my small level. something got off somewhere in my planning though and the dark chevron ended up thinner then the wall color one, hmmm-maybe something about the tape?

looking back i think i would have rather had three dark chevrons and somehow done away with the little triangles at the bottom (which the jury is still out on if they are staying - i think it might work without them)

the lines were nearly perfect with my trusty tape, cut in with wall color, then paint technique. now, i just need to find the perfect chandelier or other big fun something to fill the space - any suggestions?
i fall a little more in love with our new house one project at a time!

paper terrarium - via the papermama

i almost jumped out of my seat this morning when i saw this diy on the paper mama today - i had the exact, perfect apothecary jar that was begging for some content. this is my end result:
head over and get started on yours!

the little theater.

with the snow closing in on us the last couple of days, we have gotten a chance to pull on our creative pants this week. the kids are only good for few hours outside before the wet and cold out ways the fun. this house is busting at the seems with all the people home from canceled, well...life!
i remembered a post a bit ago that  bleubird vintage blog  did about this little theater for her daughter, it was nap time so i got to work.
my supplies:
biggest shoe box i could find
scrap book paper
fabric scraps
tiny clothespins

you don't need much explanation - it is pretty straight forward and really you can do whatever your heart desires! it's funny because they already have a fancy store bought puppet theater that gets absolutely no attention paid to it. but this? this is a huge hit so far - especially when i draw little faces and wigs on rowan's tiny fingers to be the actors.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

snow ice-cream for the win.

you know, cause it is snowmageddon here in the pacific northwest. this brings back major childhood memories - one of my favorites this time of year was snow ice cream! i swear we used to put peanut butter in it but i couldn't find any recipes that were like that, so maybe i am making that part up. it turned out so good, i drank mine like a milkshake. you could probably play around with the sugar if you don't want to add that much, but this version was perfect and the kids were really excited!

1 gallon snow
2 cups milk/or cream
1 cup sugar
1 tablespoon vanilla

stir, dish, and enjoy!

in case your wondering, this is what it looked like when it first got light. we have gotten at least six more inches since then, with a TON more expected overnight into all day tomorrow. that means we get tim home for the day!

Monday, January 16, 2012

iphone photos, or instagram dump. (potato, potaaato)

where do you even start when you are this behind on keeping you update on all out instagram going-ons? you don't, you just post them all! i used http://instagrid.me/ then just screen shot till i had them all to piece together in photoshop.
(numbered left to right, not particularly in order of actual event) 1. sensory box 2. h&m hello kitty pants, how could i not? 3. fireplace finished product. 4. snow! 5. thrift find of the century, by the hubs! 6. working on the fireplace 7. first row of tape is up! 8. watching toy story, nbd. 9. snow! 10. snow bunny 11. little triangle i am not sure about 12. almost done painting! 13. $1 babies r us clearance finds 14. counting; four, four, four 15. new toms for the toddler 16. what's in my bag #janphotoaday 17. hoops! 18. homemade ice cream sandwhichs 19. easy chicken salad 20. foam pit! 21. biker chick 22. new uo quilt 23. new uo shower curtain for the girl bathroom 24. stella and stella 25. trampoline place! 26. new parachute 27. whacky wednesday at preschool 28. stripes! 29. childhood #janphotoaday 30. #dailyrowanprekphoto 31. follow her! 32. little boxes 33. nighttime routine 34. #dailyrowanprekphoto  35. #dailyrowanprekphoto 36. crabby queen 37. stripes in progress 38. dance class! 39. dance class! 40. little girl shoes 41. my sky 42. blogging 43. stripes almost done! 44. stripes almost done! 45. letter box #janphotoaday 46. 'wook, i jump!' 47. littlest ballet feet 48. painting advice 49. christmas aftermath 50. christmas before 51. a girl and her buzz lightyear 52. new drum for the eldest 53. reading 54. #dailyrowanprekphoto 55. more painting advice 56. new couch! 57. oldie in honor of zoe's birthday! 58. tired 59. fort in a bag prep 60. #dailyrowanprekphoto  61. major thrift score! 62. breakfast; addiction 63. me #janphotoaday 64. read.

linking up with amy over at a good life.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

baby, it's cold outside...

it looks like this outside.
so, we're inside finishing this bad boy up...
when we first bought this house you may have seen me on pinterest, digging through ideas for this awkward tv nook above the fireplace. our tv doesn't fit and we had concerns about encasing it anyway; somewhere there would be heat like that. i talked about doing something with shutters - but i didn't really want to close ti off, somehow i was worried it would shrink the room. so, i came up with this idea! the goal is to find a vintage chandelier, really odd/cool shaped lamp, or a some sort of stunning candle holder or candelabra to go  in there; to add light to the room and make good use of the space.
and, in case you missed it on ig, twitter, facebook, or pintrest - i am really into measuring and taping this week, because look at our bedroom! eep! the color is wheat bread by behr from home depot and goes perfectly on top of the already off white walls. it was a pain in the butt to finish but so worth it in the end!

Friday, January 13, 2012


reason 4,321,678 why my city is better than yours. 
just our sunset tonight, nbd.

the latest christmas post in existence.

what can i say, i am still trying to pick my jaw up off the floor on how ridiculously these kids were spoiled rotten. a pink drum set with leopard print decals for the eldest? a innotab and real-like dog for the blonde? every other toy in existence for the toddler who already has everything? yep, that sounds about right.
i think we need to do some post christmas purging and donating to balance things out a little.
we held the anual moran family christmas eve at our new home - we even made mandy's christmas punch in the face which tim enjoyed a little too much, ha! it was a great evening and a total success in our first family event at the new place, which everyone loved of course.
christmas morning was just my dad, tim, stella and me - the bigs were at their dad's (sad face). stella got really overwhelmed opening all of her gifts to the point we had to give up to leave for tim's sisters and she could open the rest later. i am pretty positive she LOVED everything though.
christmas number two was the next morning, i had woken up with the stomach flu, but i wasn't going to let that damper our time. the girls had a blast checking out all of their gifts and i am pleased there didn't seem to be much complaint. zoe's fort in a bag was the big hit!
so, our christmas...
reset for number two...
which was quickly undone...
then we took a nap.

chicken salad>everything else.

3 cans of costco canned chicken
3/4 a cup of mayo w/ olive oil
chopped; celery, grapes, and cucumber to your liking
4 pieces of turkey bacon crumbled or chopped

optional, a sprinkle of salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes - yum!

wrap in spinach tortilla (put on a some bread, or eat straight from a bowl) and nom your face off. you're welcome. 

i also started a juice fast this week - i am replacing breakfast all the way with a all fruit juice. then for lunch a spinach heavy 80% veggie juice paired with something like a small bowl of quinoa/sprinkle of cheese/and a tiny bit of low sodium soy sauce. then dinner for the win, i go a little more crazy and have delicious chicken salad wrapped in tortilla. then we may or may not have eaten home-made ice cream sandwiches between two chocolate chip cookies.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

cool stuff, and stuff.

i saw this on ohdeardrea and had to share - or save for myself? either way, this is rad.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

diy fort in a bag.

i will blog today...i will blog today...i will, let's do this.
zoe's fort in a bag = best gift i have ever given. ever.

pretty easy too, and chances are? if you invite us to your birthday party we will probably bring one of these bad boys as our gift - every kids dream come true!

first, i tracked down my supplies...a flat sheet here and there (this proved to be difficult since goodwill/value village was trying to charge me $9.99+ for anything that was cute and vintage, boo on you goodwill, boo on you.) i could have probably easily made a bag to hold it all but i was running out of time and i was able to find a very inexpensive laundry bag. Finally, tim scored me a big bag of plastic spring clips at lowes that came in all sizes, he also picked up a flashlight to complete the set.
to get started, i knew right away i wanted to dye the laundry bag - it was white and i was positive it wouldn't stay that way for long with how much use this set was facing by zoe. this was my first time ever using rit dye so it was really up in the air how it would turn out - it came out kind of purple when i was shooting for a light grey, but i didn't have time to stress about it and moved on.
next, i outfitted the sheets with loops and ties - even with the clips i gave her this option to just slip over a chair or tie somewhere easily. i added six loops/ties on the corners and in the middle of the long sides. to do this i just laid out one of tim's old tees and used my rotary cutter to slice 1.5 inch pieces. when the pieces were cut i stretched them out to give them the look they have now. while sewing them on i criss-crossed the middle and sewed in an 'x' to provide support.
as the finishing touch, i opened up trusty photoshop to whip up a tag for the outside bag, i was so inlove with how it turned out i didn't stop there - i made two more for various contents on the inside.

zoe was over the moon christmas morning and couldn't wait to build her first fort - she did a great job and used every piece, even the rope! this gift is such a win!

i think in the end i spent $25 - which is hilarious since all of the tutorials i read to prepare gushed about $15 totals and so on...i thought we did it pretty frugally and still spent a lot more, hmmm.
i would love to hear if you make one!

Monday, January 9, 2012

while we're being honest...

sheesh, putting key strokes to actual words has been difficult as of late - i think i am in a christmas leftovers funk. feeling unmotivated has actually motivated me into a different routine this week, i am trying to schedule in school and a regular workout, exercise really gets me pumped on my day and i get a lot more done and the school stuff? well, that just needs to get done and i need to stop being a lame ass about cracking open the books. yesterday i was actually pondering calling hiatus on hi, baby and coming back in february with a bang - but that isn't what i really want, so on we go...

here is some food for thought - something i have been thinking a lot about, discussing with amanda a lot, and felt at war with myself about. another baby. 

everyone is pregnant right now, i am not exaggerating either - i know at least twenty people who are relatively close to me friendship or family wise expecting this spring through summer. i mean, DON'T DRINK THE WATER PEOPLE.

so, naturally i want a baby - or do i? when i had zoe at nineteen no one i knew was having babies, they were barely getting engaged. when i had rowan a handful of my good friends all had babies with in a few months of her - my best friend a week later! with stella it was finally my dreams come true, a lot of gals from hs were pregnant with their first and a lot of my new friends in the blog world were expecting or had just had a baby, this made me ecstatic! so, naturally as all of our now toddlers are headed full force into their second year everyone is pregnant again so i am feeling left behind?

here is what i do know; we have the perfect name picked out, same for boy or girl with just a change in the middle name. i miss nursing bad and literally yearn to do it again and for longer this time. i am positive after my (not necessarily by choice - because my epi failed) natural labor with stella i want a purposeful, natural, in a birthing center birth where the doctors/nurses follow my every request without fighting me on it. i don't want to find out the sex and i want to be better at starting out with minimal acquisition of 'stuff' in the beginning. i want tim to be a dad again, rowan and zoe are from my first marriage and while they have known him their whole life and we have been together since they were young it isn't the same - i want his heart to experiance the true growth of bringing another person into this world.

these aren't good enough reasons to start counting fertile days though because here is what else i know (for me); four kids is a lot - however, before stella i was sure three would be too many and now i feel like it is a perfect fit, would my feeling evolve again? i mean, that is four cars to buy, four colleges to pay for, four weddings (if another girl) to plan and pay for, the list goes on and on.  i also know that i like that stella is getting older and that we can plan trips; you know do more 'older' kid things. we get by and we have nice things and own our own house (which was on the list of 'for sure' prerequsits to considering adding to our family) but we could be doing better in the money management/savings department so that is why tim hesitates and i both appreciate and detest this but at the end of the day he is doing a good job looking out for our future.

so, we wait - until i can sort this all out in my head, i am not going to have a baby for a good name and a memorable birth experience, it is so so much more than that and honestly i am proud of myself for recognizing this-i never want to be overwhelmed by my choices to grow my family.

make sure to check me out on utah baby blog today - talking about our cloth diaper journey!