Saturday, January 28, 2012

can we talk about how my kid can't get over christmas?

i feel like i am in the middle of the movie santa clause, you know the one with tim allen, right after charlie finds out his dad, know, the big guy and he is playing sleigh in his room in august or something?
that is rowan - she draws him, sings about him, talks about him, waits by the window for him, literally wants to grow up and be santa (ok, that hasn't come up yet, but...). it is equal parts hilarious, endearing, and totally frightening. ok, it is a little annoying too - constantly hearing about next christmas when i am just ready for it to be over forty degrees out.
is this a normal four year old shinanagin? zoe never was like this, this is new territory for me. i am not literally worried, but i can't help but laugh!


melissa rohr said...

Hannah is still pretty obsessed with Santa. Every single time we see an old guy or a beard she shrieks, "SA-TA!!!!!" Silly girls.

melissa rohr said...

Oh my goodness. My little guy is still singing Christmas songs, talking about reindeer, and taking tantrums in public because he wants to watch Santa Claus YouTube videos on my iPhone. Haha. I have no idea how to get him to put Christmas away.