Tuesday, January 31, 2012

felt masks!

the possibilities are endless...
this weekend was our niece, vivian's 2nd birthday (her and stella are less then two months apart!) - it was zoo themed, and we were asked to come dressed as an animal if we wanted. even with bins and bins of dress up attire, unfortunately we didn't have anything that we could make a good animal out of, so i hit up pintrest of course.
i searched 'felt masks' because i knew i wanted felt as a material - it is so inexpensive and easy to work with. i found the fox right away - it was exactly what i was looking for! the bear i had to get a little more creative with, i found some links for etsy shops and combining a few looks of my favorites, i sketched out this guy - who kind of looks more like a ewok/koala/dog, but rowan was happy with it and everyone guessed she was a bear right away!
stella still wears her fox mask daily - she loves it! i can't wait to make them more to add to their dress-up collections. i have even been eyeing up this little diy, and even picked up some of the supplies the other day!
here is the pattern i used: fox mask, via http://feelincrafty.wordpress.com/tag/fox-mask-tutorial/
just a small tip, after having to throw away my first attempt. i sewed everything together before i traced and cut the eyes out - you don't have a ton of error room and it makes it hard navigating your stitches around the eye holes if you pre-cut them. also, you might want to play with the size - this mask was pretty small, and even stella had a hard time seeing out of the eye holes with her little bebe eyes.


melissa rohr said...

I absolutely love this idea! New follower here :) 


melissa rohr said...

These turned out SO good! You're so talented!