Friday, January 27, 2012


don't stare to closely, but this is jessica, on a whim i made her for rowan this week - after throwing away three terrible, totally wrong in some spot or another doll skins, this ok one was produced. ha - i think i like to fool myself into thinking i am some amazing sewer when i jump into these projects, but alas i guess i am not. maybe it is that i move to fast and then jessica number one's left arm is only half attached and spilling rice everywhere or i bought too thick and too hard to turn right side out canvas so i tried to pass a arm less jessica number two over to stella.

either way i am going to keep working on it and get a perfect one! i have visions of making them aprons, mary-janes, and capes for the girls to dress them up with. i even bookmarked some 'tattoo' fabric on etsy, thinking how adorable would that be if their arms were tattooed? i was dyeing when i found that hounds-tooth fabric for their legs - so cute and it came in tons of colors which i made note of for future dolls - you know, that aren't missing or dangling limbs.

I made this one with rice in the legs and arms - which did not work for me since and was spilling into my sewing line causing all sorts of problems. lesson learned.

here is the pattern and tutorial i used.

the video is helpful and i ended up copying my pattern a bit larger so the doll would be bigger. i wouldn't suggest getting real stiff canvas for the face and arms, mine totally fell apart or absolutely refused to turn right side out. i also some some awesome options for iron on doll faces or other things you could use to make these dolls one of a kind - i had gotten some fun bright pink dangly fuzzy ball decor for stella's armless doll but i am sure you can picture how that turned out for me, haha.

she isn't perfect, but you know what, rowan LOVES her and that is all that really matters.


melissa rohr said...

very cute!  i just made my girls babies last weekend!  :) 

melissa rohr said...

So cute!

melissa rohr said...

Ahh, she is so cute! Definitely need to try this out!!

melissa rohr said...

I love her. I think the stitching along her hairline is beautiful.

melissa rohr said...

she is adorable, i do love her very much!