Wednesday, January 18, 2012

the little theater.

with the snow closing in on us the last couple of days, we have gotten a chance to pull on our creative pants this week. the kids are only good for few hours outside before the wet and cold out ways the fun. this house is busting at the seems with all the people home from canceled,!
i remembered a post a bit ago that  bleubird vintage blog  did about this little theater for her daughter, it was nap time so i got to work.
my supplies:
biggest shoe box i could find
scrap book paper
fabric scraps
tiny clothespins

you don't need much explanation - it is pretty straight forward and really you can do whatever your heart desires! it's funny because they already have a fancy store bought puppet theater that gets absolutely no attention paid to it. but this? this is a huge hit so far - especially when i draw little faces and wigs on rowan's tiny fingers to be the actors.


melissa rohr said...

You are so cute and crafty.