Tuesday, January 17, 2012

snow ice-cream for the win.

you know, cause it is snowmageddon here in the pacific northwest. this brings back major childhood memories - one of my favorites this time of year was snow ice cream! i swear we used to put peanut butter in it but i couldn't find any recipes that were like that, so maybe i am making that part up. it turned out so good, i drank mine like a milkshake. you could probably play around with the sugar if you don't want to add that much, but this version was perfect and the kids were really excited!

1 gallon snow
2 cups milk/or cream
1 cup sugar
1 tablespoon vanilla

stir, dish, and enjoy!

in case your wondering, this is what it looked like when it first got light. we have gotten at least six more inches since then, with a TON more expected overnight into all day tomorrow. that means we get tim home for the day!


melissa rohr said...

How neat! Sadly, I live in Texas so I can't try it. But it sounds so fun.

melissa rohr said...

haha, maybe you can shave some ice and make it that way?

melissa rohr said...

I wish I had internet before today, I am afraid all the snow will melt before I can try this!

melissa rohr said...

it is sad how much i have eaten! haha, maybe it is better you missed it :) so much sugar!