Monday, February 20, 2012


i am sure you have seen these tutorials ALL over pinterest, but in the end we had to do it a little different. because a. i was going to work with what i had and save me a trip to the craft store and b. my kids must have weird hair, because nothing i read online worked for us.

crayola sidewalk chalk
rubber gloves
hairspray/ or i have heard a flat iron helps (but i wasn't about to chance dyeing my iron with the color)

1. comb, part, and separate out the sections you want to color.
2. wet down entire section, i used a spray bottle.
3. wet down chalk
4. twist section you want to work with.
5. vigorously rub chalk up and down the hair till you have a dark desirable color
(i eventually untwist, hold the hair taught, and run the chalk up and down width wise to color missed spots)
6. dry, i used hairdryer and half way done i spritzed some hairspray in. dry the rest of the way and voila!

rowan's didn't turn out super dark because she got antsy and this was a beta testing to see if it even worked. i had grabbed some cheap pastels at fred meyer's but when i tried them, they just made the hair goopy and stiff and when we brushed after drying, the color was basically non-existent.
i had seen someone mention 'art chalk', i had no idea what that was so we went with the big box of rich colored crayola sidewalk chalk i had out in the garage. so far so good! i mean, she is only four so subtle fun color is probably perfect for her!

another fun way we played with chalking, was i did a waterfall-ish braid in the front of zoe's hair, wet the chalk real good and used different colors on different areas of the braids 'bumps'. i didn't wet or hairspray the hair and it seemed to 'fall' out pretty fast, but it was really cute and pretty vibrant considering how dark her hair is!


melissa rohr said...

I loved it so much I tagged you in a post:

melissa rohr said...

yea! i would love to hear how it works out for you! we're adding permanent color to her hair next week! just a few little peek-a-boo highlights for fun. it is only hair and life is too short to not go for it :)

melissa rohr said...

What a fun idea.  My oldest will love this...she is always saying she wants color in her hair.  I will try it out!!!