Friday, February 3, 2012

hi, baby. reading list.

as of late, we have been hard at work building a good, colorful, lasting library of books - it is time to move beyond board books with teeth marks in them! plus, i have dreams of a rainbow-color arranged books on a shelf with maps and globes. 

it is slowly growing with a mix of books newer and (adorably) vintage books, found thrifting and a purchase here and there on amazon (ok, i have a serious problem and amazon books have seen a lot of my bank account lately, ha!) - i won't buy a book from amazon though, unless i really feel i am getting a good deal or it is a book that will for sure win over the girls.

zoƫ has always loved books, reading, and being read to - she is top of her class in this category and we can hardly keep her in books. rowan, has taken a little longer to grow into a love for reading - but we are here now and sometimes she likes to hear her favorite book ten times a day. or sometimes, we make her read the ones she has memorized, for a good laugh.

instagram, twitter, and my favorite blogs have been a wealth of knowledge when looking for amazing books to add to our collection - i may or may not have even begged some of my favorite mama bloggers to share their little's daily reading list - then i though, maybe you would like to hear ours!
1. baby lit books, in most of your favorite classics! 2. stella and sam books, you'll see a theme here - i like to track down books that involve my kidlets names. any ideas for a book with a rowan? 3. the hungry caterpillar - of course we love the classics! you should see our copy of good night moon, it is very well loved. 4. leonard the terrible monster - love! 5. earth to stella, again with the name. 6. birdie's big girl shoes and birdie's big girl dresses - these are on repeat in our house, rowan is in love with birdie and her fashion adventures. 7. oliver jeffer's books - thanks to jenloveskev, we are now obsessed, i may or may not have broken amazon adding all of these books to my cart so fast. 8. bear in underwear - rowan's aunt got her this book as a little joke, rowan is easily offended when she sees anyone in their underwear. it was hilarious when she opened this christmas morning! 9. peet the cat: i love my white shoes - this is such a cute book, the girls always pick this are their before bed book, i can't wait to get more of these. 10. skippyjon jones - reading these book ten times a day makes my mouth muy muy dry, but it is so worth it as these books are adorable. 11. fancy nancy - we officially fell in love with these books when we realized, in posh puppy nancy's neighbor's name was "mrs. devine" (which is rowan's last name) then for christmas rowan got the stellar one, and i love how it gives real educational information in such a fancy way. 12. kipper's a to z - i love this one for stella, we are working on our letter recognition right now and this story keeps her interested and entertained. 13. on the night you were born - a special gift for christmas, this has been a zoe favorite for awhile. 14. sandra boynton books - doggies and belly button book are our favorites, but we love them all and their fun play with words. 

so there you have it - the recent additions to our growing collection. we would love to hear your favorites!


melissa rohr said...

Great list! I am super excited about the baby lit books. The former English teacher in me is totally geeking out about those. We are big fans of On the Night You Were Born- but I can't read it without balling...

melissa rohr said...

Thanks for this awesome list! I need to check some of these out! Sky is mainly in love with TRUCK books... :\