Tuesday, February 28, 2012

mini person style.

i think i want to start a new 'everyonce and awhile' feature here on hi, baby. when we get out of our pajamas and get creative with our clothing, the girls and i can pull together some pretty cute outfits! before i have talked about how much i love my kids on soft, flexible, cottons where they are most comfortable and these post will full of ways we do exactly that. and, now with having caught a major thrifting bug lately - i can always seem to to track down the perfect pieces to tie in with the girls already overflowing wardrobe.
rowan had school today, so we were even more motivated then usual to wear clothes and not sweats. i used to be so scared of buying the girls anything white - i especially hated when the cuffs of sleeves got dingy, but lately i have gotten over it though with a new love for bleach, which really does cure all my whites problems.
rowan is wearing her flower girl dress from crewcuts/j.crew, paired with a thrifted old navy cardigan, topped with a old old kids nordstroms sparkly belt. since we are still in the 30's this week, we gave some warmth to this outfit by adding my go to favorite - old navy leggings. how cute is she?


bohomamasoul said...

so. freaking. cute.

melissa rohr said...

She is too precious for my eyes!! And your street is gorgeous! 

melissa rohr said...

She is so cute, and fashionable! :)

melissa rohr said...

She is a darling little doll! I love white on little kids. It's so crisp and adorable. xo, rv