Tuesday, February 21, 2012

NYC or bust!

friends! it is time - i am on my way to new york this summer to attend blogher 2012. i am so so super excited, i can hardly stand it. i had a huge smile, ear to ear as emily and i booked our hotel last night and made flight plans. but can we get serious for a second?
thanks to carter motors and their generous help with my sponsorship, i am already half way to my goal of getting to blogher, but i am not quite there yet. they way i have figured it out, i need around $1000-1200 to get my conference ticket, my plane ticket, my hotel, and keep me fed while i am in the big city. i still need roughly $600, so this is where you come in!
i write for you guys and i want to keep growing and learning and expanding and finding my voice here on hi, baby. that being said, i need your help! or your money, how ever you want to look at it, haha!

i have set up an easy way for you to donate, just head over to my go fund me page and check it out!

i would love to offer extended advertising to anyone who donates and is interested, on your terms - make a offer! i can't wait to work with any of you. thanks for hearing me out!

see you in new york!


melissa rohr said...

do you need one? we would love to talk!

melissa rohr said...

I'm going too!  We can meet!  And, if you're in the market for a roomie...  I went last year and I'm excited to do so again!

melissa rohr said...

so jealous you are going to blogher! one year I will make it there myself!