Wednesday, March 28, 2012

PNW blogger meet-up, coming soon!

Hello again! We have been busy busy and are happy to announce that the PNW Blogger Meet Up tickets will be up for sale on Monday, April 2nd at 7:30 AM (Pacific Standard Time). I wanted to give you all a nice heads up so you are ready when they go up for sale on Monday. We will have 50 tickets for sale and have had a TON of emails and interest in the event. Which, is so exciting. I love meeting new bloggers (and, seeing old blogger friends too)!

Again, here are the details of the event:

- Pacific Northwest Blogger meet up in Portland, OR!

- Friday, June 1st at the Lucky Lab on Hawthorne from 6 PM to 10 PM

- We are unable to invite significant others (unless they're bloggers) because of the limited space.

- Tickets go on sale Monday, April 2nd at 7:30 AM for $25.

What's going to happen at the event?

Well, first: you are going to be meeting a TON of fellow local bloggers. Big bloggers, small bloggers, casual bloggers, serious bloggers... all are welcome.

We've gathered up some lovely goody bags filled with surprises from our sponsors. PLUS: chances to win a fabulous camera bag from Ketti Handbags and Jo Totes. PLUS: the sweet Elise from Blowfish Shoes (the lady behind the Blowfish Twitter and Instagram) is headed to Portland to hang out with us at the event! She's planning a little game for you all.... and, yes: a few lucky bloggers will be winning some Blowfish Shoes! Heck yeah!

The talented and absolutely amazing Sara Gray will be photographing the event... along with running a photo booth for us to play in!

AND, food. We will have some yummy food to enjoy from the Lucky Lab on Hawthorne. Yuuuuum.

Plus.... Fun! It will just be fun!

*If you're coming in from out of town: Make a plan to share a room with a couple blogger friends and maybe stay an extra night to wander Portland! It is a wonderful city... If I do say myself.

OK, that's it for now! I'm so excited and can't wait for June 1st! I hope to see you there and, just in case you missed it before:

Tickets go on sale Monday, April 1st at 7:30 AM.

Thank you so much to our PNW Blogger event sponsors! They are awesome. Check them out!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

happy birthday stella!

i will be back later with her official birthday post and hopefully scenes from her party - until then, a video from balloon bombing stella this morning!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

birthday wishes.

in honor of stella turning two tomorrow, she would love it if you can make a donation to our march of dimes team in her honor. we will be walking in may with the same amazing group as last year and need help getting to our goal. what a better way to show stella some birthday love then to help babies born to early see many birthdays in their future!! you can follow this link to donate:

in case your were interested in exactly what your donation does, here is a little bit of eye opening information for you:

$250 is the cost of keeping a baby alive on a ventilator for one day
$1,500 is the cost of one dose of surfactant to help a premature baby breathe
$2,500 is the cost of an incubator for a sick baby for one day
$77,000 is the average hospital charge for a premature baby
$240 could provide educational videos and brochures for low-income pregnant women living in rural areas
$1,730 could support continuing education for 72 health professionals in the prevention of preterm labor
$3,800 funds a program to help 180 pregnant women quit smoking

thank so much! xoxo, stella

Sunday, March 18, 2012

joke is on us, i guess.

the first day of spring is this week, so naturally, it is SNOWING in seattle.

Friday, March 16, 2012

girls room progress tour.

as usual, the girls room is one of my most favorites in the whole house! even though i have little boy room designs swirling in my head - girls are by far the best to decorate for! as you have probably noticed by now, i am trying hard to grow out of my matchy-matchy shell and just make every room as inviting and comfy as possible, so for the girls room shabby vintage was the perfect way to go.

when we first moved in, i slapped up this behr tutu pink paint before we even moved the first box, then a few months later i was regretting it and we had plans to do this to their room, then i sat on it a few more months and fell back in love with the over the top girly pink. we would just have to get work dulling it down a little with turquoises and other fun vintage colors!

last summer with an impending move on the calendar i went all stir crazy and sold their nice compact bunk beds and traded in for some in desperate need of a new paint job vintage beds (you might remember all of my griping about having to strip then repaint them, on twitter) and then tim got to work on turning some salvaged pallets into a adorable and practical bed for zoe.

the collage is a carry over from their old room, you can learn about how i created the moss 's', here. granted it sucks a little that that space is all stella but i hope to do similar things for the older girls as we go. my favorite part of the whole collage is the page out of tim's homeschool book about how his room was the favorite in his house. i felt like i struck gold when his mom handed that book over to me!

the dresser was a $15 score from goodwill that served a dual purpose as the candy bar at our wedding, we just slapped a coat of behr disney paint over the bright purple it came with and i ordered some new knobs of amazon. at first it was going to be a solid blue but when i went to re-coat it after the wedding i loved the rustic look that was left after i sanded it a bit - and do you know what? my kids are HARD on their furniture and this hides all of that great! the chalkboard was another amazing score - i had mentioned i wanted one, one night and tim was like 'oh yea, those are lying around all over the place at our schools' (he works for a school district), what luck! tim had also mentioned that he might be able to score some old lockers, i am not optimistic but how amazing would these be in their room?

we recently pushed the girls beds together like that to try and give them as much more extra space as possible, you might remember the old arrangement from this post. they now have phenomenally more room to spread out and play, do puzzles, or gymnastics if they want. it also has caused cry worthy moments like this. another part of their room i love is the dress up rack - it is so super functional for them to grab their princess get up right off of there and then easily throw it back up when they are done. right below, i repurposed some of tim's old wine boxes into some toy storage, i hope to eventually stick some cute wheels on the bottoms, like this. the teepee was an addition from a couple of months ago, it was suppose to be a birthday gift for stella from tim and i, but there was no way i could wait to hand it over after my good friend amy and i finished it super bowl sunday, more on that here.

there room is so nearly completed i can taste it! i am watching for the right joann's sale to snag some home deco fabric i have had my eye on to make them some, simple, hung with clips, curtains with a black out liner (oh lord do we need some more dark in there for nap time!) the only other thing i have been on the mad hunt for is a small 80's style tv set (not working) with the cool knobs so i can do this for on their dresser. a new HUGE area rug will happen eventually, if i am going to spend that much money it has to be perfect! there is also a possibility of a wallpapered closet in the future, i think it looks so cool and adds some drama to the room.

so enjoy the tour!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


these two. almost two and a half years apart are truly best friends. stumbling across, heart exploding, moments like this make my world go round.

the PNW blogger meet up is back!

Yes! Finally! We are planning another Pacific Northwest Blogger meet up! Last time we had a blast in Seattle and played with some photo booth fun..... So, that means this time around we are gathering in Portland, OR! Give all those Oregonian's (like mahself) a little blogger fun! Hey, all you Washington and beyond people: we'd love to have you too! I'm going to gather up some hotel info and maybe you can come join us? Perfect chance to have a little blogger night out and share a hotel room with your blogger friends. Get some tax-free shopping done? Hee.

Details... details...

Location: The Lucky Lab in Portland, OR (Hawthorne)

When: Friday, June 1st, 2012 from 6 - 10 pm

Tickets: I will give you a heads up before they are on sale... just need to work out a couple of details before we sell them. Soon....

Other: We have our lovely photographer all lined up and ready to photograph all your pretty faces... this includes some photo booth fun! Please give Sara Gray, a local Portland photographer, some love and say hello! Check out her Gallery link: beautiful.

P.S.: Bloggers of any and every kind are welcome! Mama blogger? Yes! Daddy blogger? Of course! Fashion, art, craft, diy blogger? Absolutely! Finance blogger? Why not?! This is just a wonderful evening to get together and meet other blog loving people in your area! Small blogs... big blogs! All are welcome.

Looking for sponsors:

Yes, we are! We are looking for any handmade shops or any companies that would be interested in adding a little treat into our swag bags for the event! This is the chance to get your product out to many bloggers from the PNW area. How fantastic is that? Plus, I will of course share each and every sponsor for the event on our PNW Blogger posts.
If you are interested.... please send me an email and I can get you some more info! Email: hibabyblog {at} gmail {dot} com

That's it for now! I'll be sure to get more ticket info to you all ASAP. Happy Wednesday everyone!

Make sure to check in with Chelsey, Heather, Leanne, Kerri, or me for more details to come!

Monday, March 12, 2012

mini person style.

we woke up to two and a half inches of snow this morning, in march, but that wash't going to stop rowan from looking super cute for school today! (the snow obviously came and went pretty fast). in all my thrifting glory lately i have been keeping my eye out for the perfect summer numbers before they are all snatched up - i snagged this adorable romper the other day, and obviously i couldn't wait for her to wear it!
rowan is wearing target long sleeve basic tee and leggings for warmth, adorable pumpkin patch romper with the cutest details, her go toms paired with some polk a dot stride rite socks that make a little bit of an appearance. how cute!

Friday, March 9, 2012

i heart baby wearing.

if your looking for something to do today, then head over to and listen to me ramble on and on about my ergo, or maybe it is about my kids. either way, it is a good read and i am so happy that adriel invited me over!

click here.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

the living room.

since showing off the board and batten yesterday, i have been itching to unveil the WHOLE living room. as i promised months ago, i would break our house tour up (even though we have been here almost six months and all you have seen is the kitchen...ooops) as we got things on their way to being completed. well, the living room is about 99.7 percent done as of now! we just have a few minimal things left to do like hide those ugly tv/component wire into the wall, hang the speakers and run wire for the rear speakers, find some sort of lighting option for the fireplace nook (we are leaning towards this), rearrange and fill the display ledges, and hopefully some day add a leather chair and ottoman for a little more seating. oh! and those toys? are taking over, and while i love the girls being drawn to play where we are all having out, they are the messiest kids alive and usually my floor is littered with toys that were pulled out and played with for three seconds.
the nitty gritty: our couch is from costco in january; tv center and bench by the door, ikea of course; rug was target clearance last summer and the clock was a wedding gift from target as well; holy matrimony signs and custom paper mama drawing are from our wedding; tree is a clearance rescue from ikea and the orchid is from costco, toy storage is all from target, the brown bins are laundry bins; photo ledges were made following ana white's tutorial (but cost WAY more then $10); and finally all the art on the ledges is from etsy, here, or made by us.
i love our living room, it is small and easy to keep clean but still perfect for entertaining friends or hosting a play-date. this house compared to others we looked at it this neighborhood had a connected dining/living room area and i have never really been a fan of that - so even though, like i talked about yesterday, the front door opens right into the living room this is still my favorite house on the block. 
i can't believe this month we have been here for six months! i give us a huge pat on the back for how much we have accomplished. i hope to be back soon with the progress of the girls room! it isn't quite done yet, i need to track down a few more 'decorations' and make some curtains but it is so close!
thanks for coming on the tour!