Wednesday, March 21, 2012

birthday wishes.

in honor of stella turning two tomorrow, she would love it if you can make a donation to our march of dimes team in her honor. we will be walking in may with the same amazing group as last year and need help getting to our goal. what a better way to show stella some birthday love then to help babies born to early see many birthdays in their future!! you can follow this link to donate:

in case your were interested in exactly what your donation does, here is a little bit of eye opening information for you:

$250 is the cost of keeping a baby alive on a ventilator for one day
$1,500 is the cost of one dose of surfactant to help a premature baby breathe
$2,500 is the cost of an incubator for a sick baby for one day
$77,000 is the average hospital charge for a premature baby
$240 could provide educational videos and brochures for low-income pregnant women living in rural areas
$1,730 could support continuing education for 72 health professionals in the prevention of preterm labor
$3,800 funds a program to help 180 pregnant women quit smoking

thank so much! xoxo, stella