Friday, March 16, 2012

girls room progress tour.

as usual, the girls room is one of my most favorites in the whole house! even though i have little boy room designs swirling in my head - girls are by far the best to decorate for! as you have probably noticed by now, i am trying hard to grow out of my matchy-matchy shell and just make every room as inviting and comfy as possible, so for the girls room shabby vintage was the perfect way to go.

when we first moved in, i slapped up this behr tutu pink paint before we even moved the first box, then a few months later i was regretting it and we had plans to do this to their room, then i sat on it a few more months and fell back in love with the over the top girly pink. we would just have to get work dulling it down a little with turquoises and other fun vintage colors!

last summer with an impending move on the calendar i went all stir crazy and sold their nice compact bunk beds and traded in for some in desperate need of a new paint job vintage beds (you might remember all of my griping about having to strip then repaint them, on twitter) and then tim got to work on turning some salvaged pallets into a adorable and practical bed for zoe.

the collage is a carry over from their old room, you can learn about how i created the moss 's', here. granted it sucks a little that that space is all stella but i hope to do similar things for the older girls as we go. my favorite part of the whole collage is the page out of tim's homeschool book about how his room was the favorite in his house. i felt like i struck gold when his mom handed that book over to me!

the dresser was a $15 score from goodwill that served a dual purpose as the candy bar at our wedding, we just slapped a coat of behr disney paint over the bright purple it came with and i ordered some new knobs of amazon. at first it was going to be a solid blue but when i went to re-coat it after the wedding i loved the rustic look that was left after i sanded it a bit - and do you know what? my kids are HARD on their furniture and this hides all of that great! the chalkboard was another amazing score - i had mentioned i wanted one, one night and tim was like 'oh yea, those are lying around all over the place at our schools' (he works for a school district), what luck! tim had also mentioned that he might be able to score some old lockers, i am not optimistic but how amazing would these be in their room?

we recently pushed the girls beds together like that to try and give them as much more extra space as possible, you might remember the old arrangement from this post. they now have phenomenally more room to spread out and play, do puzzles, or gymnastics if they want. it also has caused cry worthy moments like this. another part of their room i love is the dress up rack - it is so super functional for them to grab their princess get up right off of there and then easily throw it back up when they are done. right below, i repurposed some of tim's old wine boxes into some toy storage, i hope to eventually stick some cute wheels on the bottoms, like this. the teepee was an addition from a couple of months ago, it was suppose to be a birthday gift for stella from tim and i, but there was no way i could wait to hand it over after my good friend amy and i finished it super bowl sunday, more on that here.

there room is so nearly completed i can taste it! i am watching for the right joann's sale to snag some home deco fabric i have had my eye on to make them some, simple, hung with clips, curtains with a black out liner (oh lord do we need some more dark in there for nap time!) the only other thing i have been on the mad hunt for is a small 80's style tv set (not working) with the cool knobs so i can do this for on their dresser. a new HUGE area rug will happen eventually, if i am going to spend that much money it has to be perfect! there is also a possibility of a wallpapered closet in the future, i think it looks so cool and adds some drama to the room.

so enjoy the tour!


melissa rohr said...

Such a great room!  I love how you and Tim do so many projects together.  I am the opposite of you, right now I have all sorts of girl room ideas swirling in my head!

melissa rohr said...

It looks beautiful and wonderful! I love it!!!

melissa rohr said...

Love their room!! so many adorable little details!