Wednesday, March 7, 2012

the living room.

since showing off the board and batten yesterday, i have been itching to unveil the WHOLE living room. as i promised months ago, i would break our house tour up (even though we have been here almost six months and all you have seen is the kitchen...ooops) as we got things on their way to being completed. well, the living room is about 99.7 percent done as of now! we just have a few minimal things left to do like hide those ugly tv/component wire into the wall, hang the speakers and run wire for the rear speakers, find some sort of lighting option for the fireplace nook (we are leaning towards this), rearrange and fill the display ledges, and hopefully some day add a leather chair and ottoman for a little more seating. oh! and those toys? are taking over, and while i love the girls being drawn to play where we are all having out, they are the messiest kids alive and usually my floor is littered with toys that were pulled out and played with for three seconds.
the nitty gritty: our couch is from costco in january; tv center and bench by the door, ikea of course; rug was target clearance last summer and the clock was a wedding gift from target as well; holy matrimony signs and custom paper mama drawing are from our wedding; tree is a clearance rescue from ikea and the orchid is from costco, toy storage is all from target, the brown bins are laundry bins; photo ledges were made following ana white's tutorial (but cost WAY more then $10); and finally all the art on the ledges is from etsy, here, or made by us.
i love our living room, it is small and easy to keep clean but still perfect for entertaining friends or hosting a play-date. this house compared to others we looked at it this neighborhood had a connected dining/living room area and i have never really been a fan of that - so even though, like i talked about yesterday, the front door opens right into the living room this is still my favorite house on the block. 
i can't believe this month we have been here for six months! i give us a huge pat on the back for how much we have accomplished. i hope to be back soon with the progress of the girls room! it isn't quite done yet, i need to track down a few more 'decorations' and make some curtains but it is so close!
thanks for coming on the tour!


melissa rohr said...

love this! looks so cozy! :D

melissa rohr said...

costco ;)

melissa rohr said...

Melissa - Where is your couch from? We really need one like that. It looks so nice and cozy!