Monday, March 12, 2012

mini person style.

we woke up to two and a half inches of snow this morning, in march, but that wash't going to stop rowan from looking super cute for school today! (the snow obviously came and went pretty fast). in all my thrifting glory lately i have been keeping my eye out for the perfect summer numbers before they are all snatched up - i snagged this adorable romper the other day, and obviously i couldn't wait for her to wear it!
rowan is wearing target long sleeve basic tee and leggings for warmth, adorable pumpkin patch romper with the cutest details, her go toms paired with some polk a dot stride rite socks that make a little bit of an appearance. how cute!


melissa rohr said...

TOO cute.

melissa rohr said...

adorable! I need to go thrifting for my 16 month old!