Saturday, May 26, 2012

business card dreaming

with blogher fast approaching i have begun the mad hunt for the perfect business cards - with pinterest around these days, i really wonder...will we all show up with the same card? i think as long as i stay true to my style it will be my own no matter how similar it looks to sally blogger over there.

all of the sudden i am hesitating on the simple yet custom 3 part design i have saved in my account waiting for ordering. it is a safe and affordable option and i can promise unique, but it is really what i want, really "wow" enough? then i started picturing cropping my header to implement in the design, but then i am married to that concept and i might want to change my banner again in six months.

the other issues i am tossing back and forth in my head is - does my business card need to reflect my blog? should it incorporate its colors and images? what are your opinions?

so, this morning, since i was up at five am, i started searching, trying to branch out a little from pinterest and found a few i could see clipped in my card holder at blogher, eager to be passed around:

these imaginative fabric cards are my favorite thus far - such a pop of fun and color and a serious statement to who ever you hand them out to. i am leaning, far, towards a concept like this but worry that since i was considering bring around 200+ cards to blogher, would this be quite the task to take on? maybe if i start right now and do a few at a time, hmmm. i am seriously in love with what juicy bits did in coming up with this business card!
how amazing are these paint chip meets the ever popular doilie? they would make such a statement with a small budget. jamie from c.r.a.f.t. even share how she did it.

these simple yet crafty cards look like they would be easy to mimic at home with some scraps or deco tape, twine, and a small circle punch. mint did an amazing job dreaming these up.

these particular ones are on my short list of ones i might try and recreate - i think it would represent the colorful pop i have going on right now on hi, baby. as well as showcase that i in fact have a crafty side. you check out this concept here and learn how to ad a qr code to your cards too!

these are absolutely stunning and different, confetti business cards will definitely be something someone won't forget. i already love the ugly pixel website for my blogging needs and now i love their cards too!

before i even saw these, this was a idea i had thought up in my head - who doesn't love a little pen net banner. and kraft paper? my current obsession - everything looks better on kraft paper. urban scarlet really has amazing taste!

these scream "green" blogger to me - how creative? and could probably be recreated using stuff you already have at home. i am always up to save money and the earth in the process. totally in love with these dailey craft on cards.

i snagged this idea to show you and remind myself of how genius this is! my husband is in the very slow process of starting up his own landscaping business, so i thought, how perfect these would be for him! i am dyeing over the creativity. lush really outdid themselves on this concept.

did you make your own cards or let a company design them or go with a pre made option from or up i would love to hear about your cards - especially if i will be seeing them at blogher this year in new york!


rachel said...

I just designed some new ones and am anxiously awaiting their arrival. I did a photo on the back (with a low opacity so you can read the text), and then used my header design on he front. I hesitated because like you said what if I change my header, but I ordered 250 and figure I'll get rid of at least half of them at Evo.

melissa rohr said...

It's so funny how similar our tastes really are! I love all of these! I have thought about just doing something simple with a fabric strip sewn up the side...I just love EVERYTHING {which I think is why it's so hard for me to decide...}