Monday, May 21, 2012

a fresh start.

have you missed us?
i'll admit finding balance with two terrorists, er i mean young kids and this pregnancy has been hard. what i mean is, excuse me while i clean a recent poop explosion off my daughters walls and toys, then i will be back to blogging on a regular schedule soon.
i am working on a new look, new posts daily, new advertising inner workings, and more - just bear (i just had to stop and look up how to say that right without asking you to be naked with me, that is where my head is at these days) with me while find my footing and wow you with my comeback.


melissa rohr said...

i wanted something fun and new when i head off to blogher - i can't wait to play around with it and get it perfect :)

melissa rohr said...

I'm planning on pretty much completely overhauling my site in the beginning of the summer! I'm really looking forward to it... Some times a fresh start is just what you need! 

melissa rohr said...

I totally woud have used "bare" instead of "bear". Lesson learned, thank you!