Thursday, May 24, 2012

passionfruit ads now happening here.

i have waffled back and forth a lot on wether or not to offer sponsorship on my blog, i am not a huge blog and may not attract huge sponsors, but i am ok with that - in the meantime i offer limited ad swap spots and very affordable larger spots for those interested.

one thing that kept me away from really putting a lot of time into sponsorship details was the work it took - i love my blog and it it worth my time, but i have a busy life and don't always have time to answer all the extra emails and questions and monthly nagging it would entail, that is why i have enlisted the help of passionfruit ads.

they are a new company helping to streamline blog ads, and while they are fresh in the game and not without kinks, in my opinion the whole operation runs super smooth. i approve my ads with just one or two clicks and they do all the rest. plus, they are online, on their site and on twitter most of the day ready and willing to answer all of your questions. jason really helped me out when i first started and i wasn't sure what to do first, that was so helpful!

now, passionfruit does take a small fee off each ad you procure but we're talking around a dollar+three percent here - so worth it if you ask me. you start by adding a real streamline and simple widget into your sponsorship area, where right there your readers can pick and pay for the ad spot they want. then, passionfruit does the work to organize and rotate your new ads just by a little html code you input on your blog, so easy right?

that all being said, hi, baby. would love your business - my swap ads have become very limited but as i grow, for now i am offering very affordable options in the five and ten dollar range. feel free to head over to my "sponsorship" tab located up there under my header, there you can read my statistics and if your heart desires, purchase a ad spot. i have been working feverishly to earn my trip to blogher this year and every little bit helps!


melissa rohr said...

click on the sponsor link up above right under my header and it will take you to the widget to purchase/swap ads :) if your swapping make sure to enter HIBABY in the coupon code area so that it is free! passionfruit hasn't quite made it totally flawless for swapping yet so you have to do it that way for now.

melissa rohr said...

I've never done ads either, not even sure how to swap ads, but I'd be interested! Is it just a link to your blog in the side column? 

eta: I don't know why it signed me in under this name.. my blog is :)