Tuesday, May 29, 2012

potty learning: day five and six

these days i feel like i am stuck on repeat: "do you have to go potty?" "do you have to go potty?" "do you have to go potty?" "ARE YOU SURE YOU DON'T HAVE TO GO POTTY?" and i am sure stella feels my pain.

but oh boy, has it been worth it! 

i didn't post yesterday because a. these posts are getting sort of redundant and b. we were gone in the car, in diapers, most of the day. when we got home though we had a great day of potty training! this next part is tmi so turn away if you must. we didn't have a single accident yesterday evening and stella even had a upset tummy (and all that comes with that) but she managed to make it to the potty every time, from wherever she was, or whatever she was doing and although our living room (where her potty usually is) smelled HORRIBLE, i was so proud of my girl!

today on a whim i threw all caution to the wind and we ventured out to my morning doctor appointment in no diaper, but in big girl panties! i had set a goal for myself to work up to panties vs. naked by wednesday but with the fast progress she has made so far i saw the chance and grabbed it. she did great, even besides annoying everyone in the waiting room with me asking, "do you need to go potty" literally every forty-five seconds. after trying in the big potty there unsuccessfully, she finally told me she needed to "potty!" right as were were walking out. she handled the big potty all on her own like a champ and stayed dry the whole way home.

since then i have been busy around the house and she just takes care of business all on her own, pooping and all. we picked up some new panties at target and i let her up on the couch if she promised to use the potty as soon as she felt the need to and she did with no problems!

when nap rolled around, i opted to keep up with the panties, i didn't want to confuse her. i put her down and told her, her potty was right outside the door. this led to a lot of faking to get out of bed, so of course when i finally called her bluff she had her first accident of the day. we won't even mark that one down cause it really was a huge fail on my part.

after this mornings fifteen pound diaper, tim and i agree we aren't going to push any night training till it is clear that she has grasped the concept of "holding" for even longer times and we can teach her to use the potty and then return to her room (yea right).

so, with all that being said i am going to conclude this series where you have to read about my daughter's bowel movements. i'll touch back in when i feel we are ready to proclaim, "potty trained!" and i am hoping that will be by the weekend.

so, i'll leave you with this...

type of kid i am working with here: busy, spirited, busy, wild, and full of attitude.

our technique: naked ALL Day, confined to smaller areas of the house with potty very near, NOT offering salty snacks or liquids but only giving them to her when she asks, and asking every seventeen seconds if she needs to go potty. tim might argue that actually convincing her to sit on the potty all day at first helps too, but i am not sure about this haha. too many treats lead to poo problems so we switched to stickers asap, i hung a piece of paper on the wall and she loves getting to put her new stickers on it just as much as she used to love the cookie she got every time.


The Best of Both Worlds said...

I need to get more on top of my potty training! Good for you and your little one! My daughter can do nĂºmero one no prob but hasn't got the poo part yet!

melissa rohr said...

Oh girl, I feel your pain.  Almost 3 year boy over here who is almost potty-trained.  Sometimes, he's just too dang busy to stop for trivial things like pee.  We have the same broken record at our house...and yes, lots of (mostly) naked time, even outside.  Because, let's face it, it's easier to hose off the patio than clean the hardwood floor or carpet.  I think the neighbors are ready to call DFS. 

On a completely different note Stella is my absolute favorite girl name, except maybe for my daughter's name, Elena.  And my Stella would probably look very much like yours - she's a beauty :)

melissa rohr said...

WOO!  That sounds like a lot of work.  I am not looking forward to it but you did a GREAT job!  

melissa rohr said...

haha, i just asked her and she went - she is pretty go with the flow on everything. i had even stopped at target to see if they had one of those folding big potty adaptors but they didn't and i was totally surprised when she knew exactly how to hold herself up and go. good luck mama!

melissa rohr said...

Okay, so how did you convince her to go on the big potty?  Dane's done great the past three days at home on his "baby potty", but when he asked to go potty at Qdoba, and we walked in and saw the big potty (I had brought the "big potty" insert, but he wont use it at home either) he quickly changed his mind and said "not yet".  As expected he had a mildly wet pull up when we got home, though he did squeeze a few drops out for us to please us.