Sunday, May 27, 2012

potty learning: day four

i have stopped counting successes, but i can tell you that today was a great day, full of huge leaps in our progress.

we were gone most of the day and i had serious anxiety leading up to stepping out the door. she had, had one accident early on in the morning but tons of success after so my prediction for the day could go either way.

first up we had a short trip to my sister's house and decided to let her try it in her super skivvies, she even fell asleep, so i was over the moon twenty minutes later when we got there and she was dry. while we were busy there doing a couple of things she was up and down from her potty but finally went.

since the next leg of our day would start with a forty-five minute drive and probably another nap i opted for a diaper, the nap lasted well into us arriving at tim's sisters, but i was absolutely ecstatic when she finally woke up and was dry again! it was warm out so we stayed out in the little yard and stella roamed in a sundress but no undies - this is the best part, time after time she would realize the sensation of needing to go and would say "potty!" and run and make it on time! then, she even did this and poo'd! at some point she had ended up totally naked - but hey, it is what is working for us and everyday we make progress. eventually we'll get some panties on this girl full time but for now it is bare buns all the way.

the second accident of the day happened when she had run to her potty in a panic but there was a fly on it and in the middle of trying to tell me, lost control. but with all the success we had today it was no biggie. 

i feel so accomplished today, we are totally moving in the right direction and what feels like at a great pace for someone who is only twenty-five months old. who knows, maybe by friday we'll be mostly trained!

one big change starting tomorrow, is the treats - too much sugar is being consumed so i am thinking we'll do little marshmallows for one or two days then it will be stickers from here on out.

so far so good, so stay tuned for tomorrows update!


Kiara Buechler said...

She is doing so good!