Thursday, May 24, 2012

potty learning: day one

i am nervous posting this and i am sure you other moms of toddler know why, bad luck.
today on a whim we started potty training, stella pulled off her diaper, again, and i asked if she wanted to use the potty instead and she whole heartedly agreed. there was no pressure though.

i went upstairs to do some homework and other computer things, i put a movie on for the girls, and went to work, all the while listening to them play and giggle like they do best. f-o-u-r times they yelled for me that stella had used the potty, she had stopped playing in time to make it over to it and go, and i wasn't even down stairs pressuring or reminding her! nap is quickly rounding the corner so i just pulled her super skivvies out of her drawer and we're gonna try a no diaper approach to nap time, wish us luck!

i will check back in tomorrow and let you know how the rest of day one went and how we are fairing on day two. basically it will be about...ok, make that f-i-v-e they girls got to eat a lot of chocolate and drove me insane since all i had on hand for treats was a half eaten giant chocolate easter bunny, ha!

i have absolutely no advice to give, you think i would having two potty trained kids, but they all have been so different, all i can do with my wild and crazy girl stella is wing it and that is exactly what it currently happening. she, by choice is spending a lot of time just sitting on her potty. i tried to encourage her that she doesn't have to do this but she is anyway. at least half of the times she has gone though, she was mid play and ran to her potty to go. proud of that little lady!

update: i literally went to her right after posting this, and in a fit over a toy she had her first accident of the day. i told you, bad luck!


melissa rohr said...

omg you should hear her, rowan is asking her every few minutes if she needs to go and encouraging her to sit on the potty haha. but literally i was just replying she pooped on the floor :/ ugh.

melissa rohr said...

Oh boy, good luck!  That is so great that she is taking initiative to do it.  I;m sure her big sisters provide lots of encouragement!