Saturday, May 26, 2012

potty learning: day three

statistics so far:
potty: twenty-five+
floor: six, one was poo, ew.
amount of treats consumed: half of a solid chocolate easter bunny and a whole small package of fig newtons.

whoever said day two was the hardest lied, today was hard, hard.

there were tantrums at all times and begging for her diaper, we had one accident in the same place ALL the other ones have happened, what the heck, and one while she was playing in the pool, and one in her panties while playing outside. but we also had some success, including one time where i asked her to try before she put her swim suit back on and she said yes, sat down, and went. the only upside of the accidents is she totally realizes right away when it is happening and doesn't like it. this also leads to a lot of removing of the diaper during the night, she is convinced one tiny wetting and she has to be changed, which is fine, except it takes me awhile before i catch that she took it off, this could be disastrous.

still no poo on the potty, only in her diaper at nap, i feel this will be another hurdle all in itself but were just taking it one day at a time. i really almost

we have a family bbq tomorrow and i really want to keep working on it. it is at his sister's who is also training a toddler, so i think it will be ok. i plan on staying mostly outside with our potty near, in a sundress, with no undies, undies don't work for us this early in the game.

i guess we'll see what happens tomorrow!

update: right after i wrote this, before bed, stella had two more successes and one was poo!


melissa rohr said...

awe, thanks! it is so tough, as soon as you feel like you are finally getting somewhere that happens. they sense your excitement, haha you have to play it like it's no big deal :) good luck!

melissa rohr said...

i'm cheering you on in Kansas!  we started potty training today. the morning went well...they we had several accidents in the afternoon. :(