Friday, May 25, 2012

potty learning: day two

potty: fourteen+
floor: three, one was poo, ew.
amount of treats consumed: half of a solid chocolate easter bunny and package of fig newtons.

day two was completely stress free and full of success. the only three accidents that she has had were right before sleep times and in the midst of tantrums and whining for something. we are keeping her contained in a smaller area where she stays naked the whole time, this is how i have trained all my other kids and with great success. she is getting to watch way more movies then normally allowed, but if we come out on the other end of this week with a potty trained toddler then oh well!

we're still doing diapers at nap and night, yesterday i told her that if she woke up from nap dry then she got ice cream, she won. i am betting night training will be a lot farther down the road, she is a heavy heavy night wetter still and my most mischievous two year old yet, so the thought of her having access to roam between her room and the bathroom at night terrifies me. we'll see what happens in the next couple of weeks...

the change up today was that since we were having a garage sale, she got to spend time coming and going from the house in her super skivvies and didn't have a single accident! we have gone underwear free up to this point because in the past it was just a constant struggle of putting them on, taking them off, putting them on, taking them off, so they stay mostly off for this round of training.

i am not suggesting or forcing and liquids or salty snacks but i make sure to make a mental note of the last drink she had so i don't stress when she doesn't go for awhile. oh, and as much as i really wanted to try the "keep the potty in the bathroom" approach, this, the living room, or really wherever she is, is just working better and we are going with it. again, two potty trained kids exactly this same way before two and half.

tim struggles with stress over the whole thing, he thinks she needs to stay on the potty AT ALL TIMES - i carpet. so i am trying to show him she can totally handle playing and stopping to use the potty when she feels the need. plus, we got the smaller version of the baby bjorn potty (not the tiny one) and i can't imagine it is super comfortable, she always has a red ring on her cute toosh, ha!

i'll be back tomorrow! i am pretty confident though if we keep up this rate i will have a potty trained toddler by friday next week!


melissa rohr said...

well done! we are thinking about starting potty training this weekend...but I haven't nailed down a method...probably just let them run around naked and pray that we survive (not that different from a normal day!). 
keep the posts coming...I'll be looking for the encouragement through your success!

melissa rohr said...

haha! yea def a good idea on waiting, the littlest thing can make them have a set back. this is the first time we haven't forced it and just waited till she was really wanting too and we just lucked out with her age. after struggling to potty train two kids, that felt like took forever, i was totally ok with waiting till stella was however old, but then she just wanted too. good luck girl! 

melissa rohr said...

You are so lucky. King just wont do it and we are moving so I think i'm going to wait until we are all settled in and just stick with it! Ughhhh who thought it would be this hard. I will be sooo dang happy when I don't have to change his man poops anymore.