Monday, May 28, 2012

taking back my face.

those close to me know, i don't "do" make-up, or do it well. in some fantasy land, i like to think that my face is good to go and i have naturally flawless skin, butidon't. truth is, i could get away with it for sure, but the older i get, the more backwards into teen acne i head. it is so gross, before i got pregnant, around my mouth was a mind field of red painful zits, no thanks.

this last spring enough was enough and i made sure to put away a little savings so i could head to the mall and treat myself to a arsenal of make-up products i loved and fit my budget. 

so, "take back my face" was officially on - i went straight to nordstroms, because in any case, wether it be clothes or makeup, they know what they are doing and if your spending money the sales gals are your new best friend. a nice gal spent a hour with me, first picking out the perfect combination of kheil's and clinique face washes, moisturizers, and spot treatments. next we started with the basics - foundation and powder, i have always loved clinique and at their fair prices i was confident in choosing their even better foundation and almost powder, powder. before i finished up there, i grabbed a apple colored lip gloss, i had been itching to try some red lips but mine can't pull of lipstick and can always use the added moisture of a gloss.

i told the sale lady that i loved my long lost drug store twist up eye liner so she pointed me straight to the big & bright intense black liner by bare minerals, another tried and loved brand for me. weeks later i even headed back to the bare minerals counter to grab a tinted spf moisturizer, when my foundation started getting a little heavy for this warmer weather. already scared to see what my total bill was, i of course made sure to add a couple of mac eyeshadows - i say that like i know what i am talking about, but truth is these were my first two ever, again with that not pulling off make-up well. i went with two VERY subtle colors that added depth, sparkle, and a little shade but that wasn't over the top, era and all that glitters. a few brushes and some brush cleaner later i was done, and didn't do to much damage at all considering what i got. i was pleased.

of course you don't have to buy every last item from a department store, for years i have been perfectly happy with cover girl mascaras and if it means saving money, then get in my make-up bag now! however, the mac guy, the other day, mentioned that on may 26th mac mascaras would be buy one get one free! last beauty related trip to target i made i also grabbed (finally) some eos lip balm and holy crap that stuff is amazing! per the instructions of the makeup sales gal i also grabbed some inexpensive eye cream to treat my very dry lips with and so far it really helps! something about the skin on our lips being similar to that around your eyes.

so, there you have it - my summer make-up arsenal and the story about how its nice to treat yourself to some new makeup and get dolled up. but you probably already knew that - i am just new to the game.


melissa rohr said...

Oh my gosh you just made my day with this post! I have extremely sensitive skin so I use mostly Bare Minerals makeup & I didn't know that they had a tinted moisturizer and I need one for the summer! So when I saw that they have one while reading this I screamed at the computer with joy! I am so excited to see that they have one so that I don't have to use the old one that I have... because it makes my skin break out like crazy & since I have been pregnant my face has been broken out enough for the rest of my life, I've seriously never had so many breakouts until this pregnancy! So now I can do one more thing to prevent helping those breakouts along. So thank you thank you thank you for posting this! Oh and I am not a makeup person either... I never have been & a lot of times I do just go out without any makeup because I am not good at it. I am very glad I am not alone :)