Wednesday, May 30, 2012

words on wednesday: what is that bright warm thing in the sky?

after last summer, or lack there of, i think us pacific northwesters are weary of getting excited for this years. so far so good though as the sun has proven us wrong by shining bright and warm for us these past few weeks. even after weeks of sun, the week of rain that came wasn't so bad!

so, you can bet once the sun is up we have been out enjoying it! we broke out the bins of summer clothes, purchased water toys, and are trying out new parks. i made sure to snag some fun in the sun toys for the kids at the first sight of warm weather, before the mobs hit and it is slim pickings on sprinklers and pools. this included a new sand/water table and a super fun ball sprinkler by little tykes.

this last weekend we met some more of our neighbors and they even brought over a tiny pool that their little one is too young to use. after a little while of watching stella and rowan try and navigate sharing this tiny pool our other neighbor brought over the exact same one! so there they were side by side in tiny pool heaven. this went on into the evening till they were shivering! this really does make me excited for the next few months of playing outside in the sun with my babies.

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melissa rohr said...

Gosh, they're cayoot! We have this same pool and just got one of these balls! Can't wait to try it out!

melissa rohr said...

My backyard looked similar today- there was a little pool, a water table and a sprinkler entertaining 2 toddlers.  

melissa rohr said...

Im a new follower! (I am just getting around to checking out the bloggers going to PNW meet up FRIDAY!) Your little girls are so cute! I think I might have to get both of my boys their own pool, less fights! :)

melissa rohr said...

These are so cute!  Love that curly hair...adorable!

melissa rohr said...

LOVE all your shots!  And I can't wait to move back there next summer - I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, too!  I miss it.   Your kids are so stinkin' ADORABLE!

Funny Face

melissa rohr said...

Very cute love BW shot