Friday, June 1, 2012

the anatomy of an outfit.

when we first started planning the next pnw blogger meet-up, the wheels started immediately turning in my head on what i would wear. not necessarily because i am that into clothes but because i knew i would have to accommodate a big pregnant belly.

i was planning on splurging at anthro or on my favorite online site spool 72 but in the end i scored a cute maxi skirt, new with tags, at goodwill this weekend and knew it was meant to be. it is so weird but sometimes i would just rather not wear and entire outfit from target, this was my chance to indulge and treat myself to a little fancy dress action.

ha! so, scratch that because my entire outfit is now from target, but it is so cute i am ok with it.

i guess it is sort of boho casual, it seems everyone in our group is going the maxi style, but i hope to stand apart in a fun skirt verses dress. i picked up a rib tank, skinny belt, some bracelets, and some adorable sandals - like i don't already own five-hundred pairs.

since i am saving money skipping anthro, i treated myself to a manicure + pedicure and am getting a haircut when we get to portland on friday - i am scared to cut my hair, it is the longest it has EVER been! i am over it though, i already don't have the time to straighten it (i have to straighten it or wear it curly) and with baby number four coming i will have even less. so bye bye hair!


melissa rohr said...

umm, that outfit is super cute.....and $4 for the skirt? for real! Can't wait to hear all about the meet-up! Have fun!