Sunday, June 24, 2012

a cantaloupe

i am a little bit of denial that we are already to this point! meaning this baby boy of ours could be here in as a little as seventeen weeks - sounds like such a short amount of time when you say it like that, maybe i will just stick to saying four and a half months...that sounds longer.

boy names are so stinking hard! i will touch on this more in a separate post, but i think we hit a turning point last night when tim suggested a name that i am officially in love with, and it is that much better that tim suggested it, i feel more confident about it that way. did i ever tell you rowan is my only baby that the minute i saw her i had major reservations about the name we had camped on for months? now i know it was the perfect choice, but i had a major moment of panic.

we have a had a house guest occupying baby boy's future room, for the last few months, who leaves at the end of july - that means it is nursery time! i am so excited and have been pinning like mad in preparation and painted some possible swatches on the way yesterday.

so there you have it, twenty weeks - we start with our new midwife group on the 2nd of July and get down to business on planning our home birth. i have started replacing all of the pink in our house with a little blue here and there and we are on our way to being ready for this boy!

How far along: twenty+ weeks
How big is baby: around 10.6 ounces
Total weight gain: not available.
Maternity clothes: yes! so much more comfortable but in need of a lot more!
Sleep: not bad, crazy dreams though! i am very exhausted around dinner time.
Best moment this week: our twenty week ultrasound!
Gender: boy! boy! boy!
Craving: fruit and diet coke
Movement: getting stronger, easier to feel through my anterior placenta.
Labor Signs: none, thankfully! this baby has a while to bake still.
Belly Button in or out: more out than in
Stretch marks: this is weird this question is on here, like one week you might say, "oh, they just went away?"
What I miss: being able to eat with out a serious case of acid reflux and heartburn, boo.
What I am looking forward to: shopping for adorable little boy clothes!
Milestones: we are half way people!
clearly i have like three top options and will continue to rotate them at will.


melissa rohr said...

Yay! I'm almost 37 weeks now and we haven't even painted the nursery...oops

melissa rohr said...

haha, i am too ocd to not be all over that ish. i am still 19 weeks out and i need it done now and i am having anxiety about it because my dad is in his room till the end of july haha