Monday, June 4, 2012

the end of our cloth diaper journey, for now.

since stella is potty trained (knock on wood) we are wrapping up out cloth diaper journey, for now. she has almost always worn a seventh generation sposie at night due to heavy (heavy) wetting so now that we are full time day potty users i am packing up our cloth, in a near by location, until baby number four comes along this fall. since starting, our techniques, brands used, and tips to share have evolved a lot. even though i have shared a couple of times along our cloth diaper journey i wanted to tie things up on a where we're leaving things post...

we started using cloth when stella was about three months old. an interest had been sparked before she came but the fire was really lit when i saw my good friend amanda going though it with ease and a smile on her face even. i knew i could do it and when i mastered it, i wanted to share it with the world.

warning: cloth diapering will involve a lot of internet window shopping for the new hot designs and deals. hide your credit cards.

when we very first started i ordered mostly the flip system, a outer shell that comes with a long fleece/microfiber insert that lays inside. i liked these because similar to the pre fold + cover system you could change the insert without going through too many covers a day, this enabled me to start out with minimal flip systems so that i could start cloth diapering without breaking the bank and before i knew i would love it. along with those i ordered a couple of bumgenius pocket systems, same sort of idea but the insert slips in between the cover and a liner of fleece sewn in, these you have to change every time they are soiled. later we discovered that bg's weren't for us and swapped with a friend for our favorites, fuzzibunz.

over time, we learned that over all fuzzibunz were the best fit for stella. eventually once she was mobile the flips were put away, as her wiggles would lead to leaks. fuzzibunz, also a pocket system run about $15-$19 a diaper but if you think about the bigger picture you still are saving money not buying sposies! to be more specific, we buy the perfect size diapers in a medium, since we started at three months they fit her right away and have still fit, with adjustments to the snaps, all the way to potty training. the one size option they offer were always too trim for stella and would leak after one light soil.

now that we're cloth diaper pros, i have ventured onto find less expensive options to grow our stash and cut down on washing so much and spread the wear out more between diapers. in the search i discovered kawaii diapers and fell in love with their round tab snap diaper and at $10 a diaper that was a price i could get excited about. we dabbled with sunbabys too, but i'll have to admit that despite the rave reviews, they are not my favorite. i don't mind them so much when i can use my more pricey and absorbent inserts but all in all i just don't think they are a great fit on stella's toosh.

not to be forgotten is our trusty diaper sprayer and favorite cloth diaper specific soap! we didn't start out with a sprayer but boy is it handy, we went with the bumgenius one after trying to create our own. rockin' green is our favorite cloth soap since switching from store bought country save, tim even loves it to remove built up grime and smell from his work clothes.

with the new baby coming soon, we are hoping to use cloth from the start so i have started looking into the best options for us. newborns usually require a whole set of diapers just for their tiny size. the stash i have built up now will work great for a three+ month old but won't fit a tiny baby at first. i have priced out buying a whole stash of newborn cloth but in the end it looks like doing some sort of rental program will work best for us and be a chance to try out the fitted + cover system.

so cloth diapering friends stay tuned for the next chapter in our cloth diaper adventures!

(pictured above: flip, bumgenius, kawaii, and fuzzibunz)


melissa rohr said...

I just started cloth diapering with my daughter! I love it! I've just used BUM GENIUS this far... haven't ventured out. :/ TOO NERVOUS, but this post helps me!

melissa rohr said...

awesome! yea, i didn't start 'venturing' till i really felt i had it down and knew my lo's toosh and what fit. it is awesome if anywhere local to you has a cloth diaper class - then you can have the chance to actually hold and feel a huge array of diapers and systems before making a purchase!

melissa rohr said...

I just washed what I hope is my last load of cloth until another baby comes around.  I smiled my way through it.  D's daycare requires pull-ups until they are 100% trained, so my mom and MIL both picked us up a box of those at Costco.  We went the BumGenius route, but I did find another less expensive option with GiggleLife.  The GL have snaps, which I like better than the velcro the BG have. 

melissa rohr said...

that is awesome! i had no idea you cd'd :) i can't wait to start cloth diapering from the beginning this time, i am curious to see if the stash we have works...hopefully it does!

melissa rohr said...

I didn't think I would, but I love prefolds and covers. You could do a NB prefold and cover stash for the same price as renting, and then the tiny prefolds can be used as doublers, or they are bad-ass window cleaning rags. Or you could sell them and recover most of the $$!

melissa rohr said...

that is def something i will look into! i do like the idea of the soft fitteds though, do you fold the diaper all old school with a snappi or just tri-fold and lay in the cover?

melissa rohr said...

I am saving this post for future reference! :)