Wednesday, June 20, 2012

the evolution of hi, baby.

it is funny to scroll through my old picasa albums and look at the evolution of headers on my blog. as you have seen me talk about before, i very first started blogging back in 2006 as a way to document my pregnancy with rowan and keep family up to date - isn't this pretty much how we all started?

well, one day i was playing around with a new design and was using a blog i had set up called "tester blog", i went to delete the whole tester blog and ended up deleting my entire regular blog. i literally cried for a day - over a year of baby booking lost, photos lost, my hard work lost. this was before blogger had the fail safe retrieve options if you deleted. what the heck blogger.

so, i picked the pieces back up a year and some random in-between posts later. thank god for picasa because in the same time frame we had simultaneously lost our hard drive and a lot of photos of rowan as a baby too. i had them printed of course, but it was great to realize that the digital files were still saved thanks to blogging.

anyway, i have gotten of track here - my blog started out as "the value of playtime" (i can't find the file for that) and quickly changed into "the value of sister time" after rowan's arrival. when the girls got older we became "mommy, monkey, and bear. oh, my!" because i called zoe monkey and rowan bear and it was pretty much all about our adventures together. this was the title i blogged with until we lost the blog and i took a break, before becoming "4 ladies and a patient man..." right around the time that tim and i started seriously dating. 

it was right around when i started itching for my own domain that we went for "hi, baby." it was the perfect name since we had just had stella and that is what everyone always said when they greeted her. since it had largely transformed into a baby/mommy blog i was in love with the new name and it has stuck all this time! i struggle with keeping it in the future since my kids won't be babies for ever and number four will be the very last one, but we'll see what the future holds in terms of blog names...

so check out the evolution of our blog name and headers, it is fun to constantly change up the design and i am sure what i have now will not be the last!
do you change your design a lot too? do you make your own or have someone help you? the paper mama, jess, and emily peck have made some really great ones, along with some i have come up with on my own!


melissa rohr said...

I totally remember all of these banners!! I change my design constantly... i'm never happy with it. ha ha. I've only changed the name once, though. But I bet at some point I will change it again :)

melissa rohr said...

I want to change my name all the time but i don't...i've changed my banner a few times--i'd really love a blog makeover but don't want to spend the money. Instead I spend hours researching html to figure out how to update one tiny little thing.