Friday, June 8, 2012

flashback fridays: one of my all-time favorite vacations!

once upon a time i loaded the car up, with my then only two little ladies, we made the drive to southern california and then some. the trip went like this: washington to sacramento to palm springs for a few days to disneyland and the beach to vegas that same night to somewhere in nevada and back to the bay area.

my kids were troopers to say the least, even in the midst of a terrible tragedy that struck our family while we were on this trip. we saw great sights, laughed, made things out of pipe cleaners, and couldn't get over all of the windmills in california and the shoe tree we passed near redmond oregon.

it was a crazy fun trip of a lifetime and even though rowan was just a tiny bit short of a year old i hope some of the amazing photos i have stored away help her relive what a fantastic time she had!

taking two small kids to vegas was not my favorite part - my mom got sick and it was difficult dragging zoe up and down the strip to see things she would be interested in. honestly it kind of ruined vegas for me, but i am willing to give it another go with the husband sometime.

on my original blog, that i deleted on accident, yea, i mobile blogged the whole trip keeping my few followers back then updated on our travels with two under five. it was a lot of fun and i want to cry a little right now thinking about how that was lost, in the deleting, yea. so since, you have never really seen those photos, except for when i would share for a contest or meme, i wanted to break them out of the vault again! i hope you enjoy our california road trip adventures!


Traci said...

These pictures totally brightened up my dreary day. Looks like they had fun. And yay!! Disney!! Thanks for sharing the smiles :)