Wednesday, June 13, 2012

go go go

here we are on day number three of summer vacation, it has rained almost the whole time, and i am already struggling to keep us busy and not on top of each other. i only have the older girls for the first six weeks of the summer then we shuttle them off to their dads and zoe heads to her first year of a week long, overnight summer camp, which i am freaking out about that a little, then stella and i go back to sleeping in till at least 8am.

somewhere along the line i came under the impression that i had to jam pack our days, i feel like i always owe my kids a epic summer, and in some respects i do, but with a limited summer fun budget and the fact that i am responsible for three crazy kids and one in the belly, it is easier said then done.

i have a million plans in my head: jetty island, spray parks, edmonds beach, hiking, and more but it would be really great if the rain would just stop long enough to squeeze some of these in. like a true pacific northwester i am going to complain about our lack of summer until it rolls around after independence day, so until then we see early early movies, shop at old navy, and lock the kids in the hurricane wind tunnel attractions at the mall.

i couldn't possibly have three more different children, they even all want different things for lunch, which they don't get, but it makes my head spin listing to all the bickering about having to eat pb + j, again. these same attitudes make it hard to plan a summer out, everyone has different interests and wants and they usually all cost way to much money for a outing with four to five people in tow.

i think my want/need to fill our days comes from all the anticipation i get starring at my google calendar - finals are all this week then grades are posted, next wednesday we find out if were having a lady or lad, we have a couple of blogger play dates in the works, summer quarter starts, we leave for cannon beach on the 4th of july, blogher in nyc, my ten year reunion, and my wedding anniversary. whew, crazy summer or what?

i wish i could just slow down and enjoy relaxation, but truth is i am a busy body and very impatient at that! so i have to stay busy or my mind might....just explode. my husband hates how over scheduled i get, so i literally try and schedule in weekends where we sit in camping chairs and watch the kids have hose fights with the neighbors, but we get very little all day time with him, and as much as i love and enjoy his company, it is also great having a second pair of hands to wrangle toddlers and make dinners.

i loved dear baby's post the other day about adjusting spontaneity to the turns, for the better, your life takes. this is the exact season of life we are in and something i currently struggle with and admittedly hold against tim sometimes. when we were dating, mind you i already had zoe and rowan at this point, we lived a much faster paced, jam packed, spontaneous life, the kind i live for! since having stella, getting married, buying this house, job changes and more we have lost a lot of that. we're willing but terribly exhausted.

so where does this leave us? i change my adventurous expectations, for now, until we can pick that lifestyle back up again, if at all. we find excitement in ice cream before dinner and chasing butterflies at the park with the girls. we replace 2am trips to snoqualmie falls with 10pm late bedtimes for the girls and sleeping bag movie parties in the living room.

so, what types of things are you doing to keep your little ones busy and entertained this summer? i know we are just about the only region that isn't having a record awesome summer so you can probably take advantage of a lot more outside fun!


melissa rohr said...

hard for me to sit still and just RELAX, enjoy the moment and not think about all the things we aren't doing. I've slowly realized that my body actually needs more of this so i'm trying conciously to do more of it.

melissa rohr said...

i've always been bummed about our lack of summer but it gets here LOOK OUT!  it gets wild.  i am sure the sun will be out soon and your kids probably dont mind running around the house, the mall, or going to a movie, right?  lazy days are good for everyone.  hang in there, the sun is coming - i can feel it!!!  :)

melissa rohr said...

We are the same! I always feel like I need to pack our weekend and fill our summers with fun adventures. Mike is the one that reigns me in, he's like "I just want to relax after a long week of work", so we started a deal last year. One weekend day is crazy busy, one weekend day is relaxed. Sometimes we have stuff both days (I usually have a session, but as long as I dont expect anything of him --other than watching the kids-- he's fine). 

It does get frustrating when I realize we cant do as much strictly because it gets expensive with 5 people! But like you said, kids dont need really expensive outings. They have fun at the park, hanging at the pool, going to the library, riding bikes, etc. It's more me that wants to do the expensive trips and getaways :D

We don't really have a ton of plans this summer till August 1st, so July will probably be filled with summer camps, sun/pool days (crossing my fingers for sun!) and play dates. But yes, let's get our girls together again soon!