Tuesday, June 5, 2012

the long lost leavenworth post

there once was this time that tim's dad and his fiancé came to visit, we had a ton of fun showing them around leavenworth, a local tourist spot in the mountains, then i forgot to share the photos with you.

it was early march when they visited and since we had yet to make our yearly trip up, we headed out hoping to catch some snow still there and maybe get in some sledding for the girls. i guess we missed the snow, but still had fun weaving in and out of all the shops looking at ridiculous trinkets and souvenirs before heading to lunch. 

when you go to leavenworth you have to eat bavarian style, meaning some sort of brats and beer. we tried a new place that tim and i hadn't been to before and we all ate some sort of delicious something that i of course can't remember at this point. 

by time we were done with lunch, the general consensus was to start heading towards the car, but not before grabbing some treats at the local chocolate place. i was major craving truffles, which is funny because we literally found out that we were pregnant that morning - i was bursting at the seams to tell his parents right away but decided to wait in the end. kind of ironic though, the very first time tim and i ever went to leavenworth is the same week we got pregnant with stella - it is our lucky town i guess, ha! 

there is so much more to do in this fun little mountain escape but with wonky weather and the long tiring drive it seemed to take to get here, we were all content with the way the day played out. i am determined to do a sleigh ride sometime when i visit though, it never works out to be the right time! we also love the mini golf, so maybe we'll have to make a special trip with the girls this summer.

i really do love living in washington - you get a little bit of it all! you drive this way and you have beautiful beaches and you go that way and you are in the mountains with gorgeous scenery. we even have a rain forest here! you know, where the cullen's live...

the very last picture cracks me up! we take the same photo of rowan every time we come, it is funny to compare them, the last time we were here with kids i was pregnant with stella and rowan wasn't even two yet and had just had a epic meltdown over an aversion to snow, epic. 

so, if you are ever in our part of the pacific northwest make sure and check out leavenworth! summer and winter both have things to offer, but this little town is famous for its christmas spirit and decorations!


melissa rohr said...

I absolutely love Leavenworth! We used to make a trip their every year but haven't been the past few. Guess it's time to go again. :)

melissa rohr said...

we love it! and that it is just a short drive away - especially int he summer on a hot day you can dip in the icey river on the way home :)

melissa rohr said...

i was just there...it was a quick trip, but i absolutely love that area--here is my post about it!

melissa rohr said...

awesome, i will check it out, thanks for sharing!

melissa rohr said...

I'll have to check it out! My husband and I are going on a road trip from our state of AZ up to WA then down the coast for two weeks so I can check out med schools I want to apply to. This was perfectly timed, we're going in about a month!