Saturday, June 2, 2012

an onion.

seventeen weeks in and this will be my first official documentation of pregnancy going-ons, whoops. bottom line, the two small rugrats i have running around beneath me daily keep me busy enough, i barely have time to stop and remember that i even am pregnant, even though the heartburn never lets me forget.

my belly is huge already, i have daily melt downs in my closet about jeans, and rowan keeps asking me if i need to hurry to the hospital yet because she really doesn't want to see a baby fall out of my butt. this is where we are so far...

it is so strange with baby number four, i am so laid back about what we need, finally. we have a few big ticket items to procure (cause we never saved stuff due to living in a apartment before), a crib (done, we have two) a carseat (done), a double stroller (done),  the swing, and a breast pump. we have tried to get one a month to spread out the pain and so far it is working. i made a stead fast list that i will stick to on other things, like swaddle blankets and paci's - i think that helps tim stay calm when the cost start adding up, he knows the list is small and i have promised to stick to it.

i literally cried the other day when i was going through bin after bin of baby girls clothes from all three girls - if this is a boy i will sell almost everything and start trying to replace eight years worth of wardrobe with some dapper duds for a boy. will none of my babies ever wear all these adorable pink things again?

don't tell tim but i think i am secretly hoping it is girl - a boy would be so fun, different, and add some balance. but girls? i can do girls. everything we own is pink and i am literally dyeing to paint that jenny lind crib i scored, plum purple. both my nail lady and massage therapist say they are positive it is a girl. seriously, don't tell tim, ha.

the all day i want to die sickness is gone, but it left behind it's friend, heartburn. seriously, water gives me heartburn. however there are some cravings i just can't give up, therefore i endure it. i have looked into a hazel wood necklace, it is suppose to be a cure all for heartburn, and since i am a believer in the amber necklace i might give it a try. have you tried one? did it work?

so now that all of that is out of the way, we can get down to the important stuff:

How far along: seventeen+ weeks
How big is baby: around 5.9 ounces
Total weight gain: we aren't going to talk about that, but a lot.
Maternity clothes? a mix, see above about meltdowns in my closet.
Sleep: not getting enough. so far i stay asleep ok, but am wide awake to early.
Best moment this week: hearing baby's heartbeat, but i own a doppler so i hear that every week.
Gender: unknown
Craving: everything and pepperoncini
Movement: for a few weeks now, but really felt continuous flutters last weekend
Labor Signs: none, thank god
Belly Button in or out? it is neutral
Stretch marks? hard to tell since I AM COVERED already from one and two.
What I miss: this week, a cold summer ale.
What I am looking forward to: finding out the sex of the baby this month!
Milestones: i look more pregnant and less just fat.

i can keep asking tim to take my picture, so i am going to keep up with this weekly bathroom, dirty mess in the background, mirror picture thing going, to add to these weekly posts. i will update this weeks photo when i get back from portland, this was a prescheduled post and i am off enjoying my favorite blogging ladies!


melissa rohr said...

We haven't gotten ANYTHING yet for this baby... I know we need to get on top of that pretty soon! Oops. So glad that we got to meet last night! 

melissa rohr said...

Please let me know if the necklace works!! I get really, really really bad heartburn too and I'd rather do something natural, than have to take meds dor it.

melissa rohr said...

i haven't gotten one yet, but everyone i have talked to that know about them/has used them SWEARS by them, so i am going to try it for sure!

melissa rohr said...

it was awesome to meet you too! we are prob a little early on getting stuff, but like i said, it is nice to spread it out a little so the costs aren't all at once :)