Monday, June 18, 2012

open wide!

i wanted to share a little bit about our experiences with the dentist three kids later. all three girls have started with a dentist between six month and a year, usually starting with a play visit, then getting down to business with real cleanings, the whole nine yards.

prior to stella i thought one to two years old, was a perfectly acceptable age to start with the fun visits to get them comfortable, but then we made the switch to our now beloved pediatric dentist, i learned that as soon as they have teeth is best!

not only does it help watch for anything and everything that might come up dental-ly, but it really lays the ground work for a healthy smile. it promotes good habits and helps small kids be more comfortable and secure with going to the dentist. i know some adults who aren't even there yet - and all my kids love the dentist and are perfect patients at every visit.

all of the girls have always loved the tooth brush they use and of course are huge fans of the water sprayer and suction. i really love how our pediatric dentist team works with the girls, if you have the opportunity to use one in your area, i highly recommend it! we found ours using our local red tricycle newsletter - they are a great resource for anything like that.

the hygienists at the office take the extra time to get the girls comfortable with the tools and machines they use. this was stella's third visit, but her first one with that the real tooth brush, so the gal took the time to "brush" her finger nails first so that stella could have fun with the tool. stella wasn't a huge fan of the floss, but i am glad it is something that they are getting to know now, in hopes that is promotes good flossing later! our dentist office looks like nickelodeon studios, with their bright colors, surfboard exam tables, tv's in the ceiling, and video games all around for kids to play - it is a really fun experience for them.

i know not all kids will be this comfortable with their dentist, but i think it makes a huge difference just visiting and getting to know the office you will be using. even if you just drop by every month so they can wander and look and learn - this is kind of how zoe and rowan's first visits went.

i am happy to report that all the girls have perfect teeth and are great brushers!
of course, princesses get their teeth cleaned too!