Wednesday, June 6, 2012

pnw blogger meet up: ridiculousness

the event photos and photo booth photos from our wonderful photographer, sara gray, graced my inbox last night and i couldn't wait to share. i thought that they just might not live up to the last photo booth we had, with it's hilarious props, but i am so excited about these fun memories that were captured, enjoying life with my friends!

my favorite photo of the whole thing was when mandy and i said we should do the classic charlie's angles shot and emily spat out, "but i don't have a gun with me!" um, you use your hand, haha!

the whole event was perfect - i met new ladies i adore, ate great sandwiches and sipped on diet cokes, watched people win fabulous prizes, speed blogger-dated a new friend, and more. it was the perfect recipe for a great night out.

there were so many pregnant ladies there and it was great to squeeze in a picture real quick with them. don't drink the water people, it is going around!

by time the event wound down i was so sore and tired, but willing to squeeze every once out of this trip. there was talk of cake but we never made it back out of hotel room and ended up talking the dark about everything you can imagine, until 3am. needless to say, when we were all up and at em' at 7am i was a little exhausted! nothing a little breakfast at mother's bistro would cure though!

with the next meet up being scheduled when i'll either have a seconds old baby or possibly threaten to give birth at, i think i will sit that one out, but i can't wait until the next time i can chat and hang with these great gals! hopefully in seattle!


melissa rohr said...

Good times for sure!!!

melissa rohr said...

LOL, these pictures are amazing...and funny. I look so out of it in most of them..and that gun comment was such a perfectly dumb blond thing to say...sometimes it comes out. :\ I just finished my post for this and we used the same picture (the banner) very first! AHH! It was so fun hanging with you...can't wait for NYC!

melissa rohr said...

Oh my gosh, that last one cracks me up!