Thursday, June 7, 2012

potty learning: done!

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"potty quick!" 

i am pretty sure i could never get tired of hearing a cute little voice shout this as she recognizes the feeling to go and all on her own makes it to the potty chair on time. we did it!

this is another perfect example of how sometimes we (or at least i) don't always give my kids enough credit. you heard me say that i was positive that stella would be my most difficult nugget to potty train and yet she blew our minds with how fast (five days) and what age (twenty-six months) she did it.

the tell all, "we're potty trained" moment for me was when we went on a hike and she was able to hold it and communicate when she needed to go. pictured above is our failed attempt to teach her how to use nature as her bathroom (of course only when appropriate) - poor girl, you could tell she really was trying but just couldn't get past the barrier to let it go. so, the whole short walk back she would let us know she needed to go but held it like a champ till we got back to the car, because for trips like this i still carry the potty in the car - sorry, but i don't even like using this whole in the ground trailhead toilets and am not about to dangle my child above one.

of course, again like i mentioned we are still in diapers at sleep times and don't really plan on that not being the case for a bit. however, she does wake up from nap dry and every few morning is dry as well so it is not as far off as i once though, we'll just have to wait it out and see how it goes.

everyone has been asking me for tips - and while i am so ready and willing to share, the one most honest pice of wisdom i can give you is, my tips probably won't work for your kid. i have now taught three kids how to use the potty and not one was the same. granted the naked, potty where we are method is always our starting point, with great success, there have been tons of difference in how each one preferred to do it and what parts came harder or easier for them. i always kind of have to laugh at those sites that claim "this is is, the end all method to potty training!" because, really for most people it won't be.

the biggest change i made this time around is i completely took cues from stella - not that i pushed zoƫ or rowan before the tell tale signs were there, i just literally waited till stella was asking and obviously sick of her diapers. for stella this just seemed to come a little sooner. note: zoe potty trained a little over two and a half and night just after three, rowan trained night and day right before stella was born at two and a half, and stella is twenty-six months old now.

who knows though, maybe your little one is the same personality type as stella and these posts might be super helpful for you and i encourage you to look back and read about our journey!

our whole potty learning adventure can be seen here.


melissa rohr said...

HOORAY!!!! Great job sweet girl!!!! 

melissa rohr said...

Yay! So glad you've completed potty training! Adrienne is the same age and just started showing signs that she's sick of her diaper and has been using the potty whenever i ask her, so hopefully we are on the same page of becoming potty trained too.

melissa rohr said...

awesome! totally sounds like she is ready to go! good luck :)

melissa rohr said...

thanks :) pretty proud of her!