Tuesday, June 19, 2012

seattle outings: the pacific science center

it has been at least since zoë was a toddler that i visited the science center and you know what? it was virtually almost all of the exact same exhibits! i can't decide yet if that made it lame or if i didn't really mind because it was all new and amazing to the kids.

it was a spur of the moment decision to go - we have a omsi membership and that allows us to pretty much get into any science center and some children's museums all over the country, pretty neat! we called ahead to see what our discount into the king tut exhibit would be, because we did really want to check it out, but even after our tiny bit off it would be thirty dollars a person and i was not willing to pay a hundred and fifty dollars for our family to navigate crowded walk ways for just that.

we zipped through pretty fast, or rather chased stella quickly through every exhibit. the girls loved the butterfly house but we left quickly after rowan stepped on one on the ground, a lady claimed it was already dead but zoe made sure to let everyone around us know what had happened, embarrassing.

tim got stuck playing with stellla at the water tables that we had sneakily tried to avoid. this girl and her water! tim and i are positive her career will be something in water...like scuba diving. she loved petting the star fish and anemones in the tide pool and climbing on all the toys in the toddler area. i am glad she was able to get just as much out of it as every one else - you always worry about that when you have a toddler tagging along.

zoe spent the most time in the bug exhibit and we laughed at a little side "electricity" exhibit they had going on, two guys showing off really cool experiments, that at omsi, the kids got to do themselves. hear that pacific science center? you need WAY more hands on stuff for the kids!

in the end, everyone agreed that the very last exhibit with all of the crazy mirrors was their favorite. good thing we got in free - after all that and we played with mirrors for forty-five minutes. it was pretty hilarious though and i am glad i pulled out my phone to snap a couple of photos of the girls looking like little people.

it was  a great day that ended with heartburn inducing dick's for lunch - absolutely disgusting hamburgers but a must-do staple tourist thing, that we hadn't taken the kids for in a while or stella ever! i can't wait to round up some friends later in the summer and head back to spend a little more time in each area at the museum. so glad we got that omsi pass and really hoping we get the opportunity to try it at a new museum we have never been to before!

ps, i was feeling pretty rad that i remembered my dslr on this trip but then was equally embarrassed when i went to snap my first photo and instantly could picture my sd card still in the mac at home. so, crappy cell phone photos it is!
side note: the girls begged for this space needle photo. i have never met two children more obsessed with a building. the second  it is in their view they are constantly talking about - how big it looks, how small it looks, how many elevators it has, oh! there goes another elevator, and how they can't wait to go up to the top. if you have looked at our bucket list for the summer then you know it is our plan to take them soon! can't wait to see their reactions!


melissa rohr said...

so fun! i can't wait until sky is a little older and will really enjoy a lot of the stuff at the science center!

melissa rohr said...

Looks like you guys had fun! It's been years since we've gone! I think the last time was for the model train show 2 years ago or so! It was lots of fun though and Andrew loved the museum! That's great you were able to use your OMSI pass there! Very handy!

melissa rohr said...

Ah I've been meaning to go there, we havent been in years. I thought about doing the King Tut exhibit, but our neighbor said it was really boring and her kids are older (10 and 12).