Tuesday, June 12, 2012

she's got pee-wee power, oo-ah!

"angles can fly, bobcats can race, but guess what the c-h-e-e-t-a-h-s can do? they can hit a home run!"

I am now quite positive that some of these girls join softball just for the fun chants - there was this hilarious, very stereotypical looking softball gal who would shout them all through the game from her position of short stop or from the dugout. it was a really great time!

despite the rain and wind we really enjoyed catching zoë's last softball game of the year. wonky spring schedules had kept us away until now, but this was the perfect opportunity for a day trip to the tri-cities and to grab zoë for the summer.

rowan had been to a couple of games and got right down to business playing with all of the little siblings who had also come to watch. i was so mad that i had forgotten my dslr and had to settle with iphone photos to document her last game of the season as a cheeta, the team name zoë came up with then her team mates voted on!

they lost :( but you should have seen this other team, for eight year olds they were good! steroids maybe? they hit home runs almost every at bat, threw and caught the ball all the way across the field. my poor girl could barely throw from home to the pitcher, but we love her anyway! in their defense though, the cheetah were the best dressed and coordinated team i saw at the play fields during the tournament. pink socks, cheetah print ribbons, adorable grey pants, and zoo's purple bat and glove.

zoë played catcher for this game - she looked adorable in all her gear and the way she would squat down, glove up, all professional like. can you use the word adorable in baseball?

i can't wait until her season next year! i hope this is a sport she loves and can continue with. i was never really into these types of sports, i was more the ballet, jump rope team, abstract painting class type so i am thrilled that i can support my kids in these types of activities - even though i think that means, in stella's case, a lot of cringing while she does some sort of crazy bike or skateboard trick in the air.

the trophy she got was adorable, a little bobble head softball girl! tim was complaining that he never got trophies unless they won, doesn't he know they are all winner now days?


Love, Chelsea said...

Yay Zoë! Ps jump rope team?