Wednesday, June 27, 2012

sleep? what is that?

i don't always get the best nights sleep - currently pregnant, terrible allergies, early-riser children, and a noisy husband getting ready for work are always waking me up prematurely, but i do what i can to battle these obstacles so that i am refreshed and ready for the next day!

being a mom of three, soon to be four, you have to be crafty with your personal sleep methods. i'd like to think, that with the help of my night owl husband, i have tried to prefect a good nights sleep for myself - i mean how else would i survive the next day with these three crazy kids?

since i am pregnant with baby boy, the fourth and final, sleep eludes me a little more. crazy dreams and small bladder plague me in my second trimester, so i have learned to adjust by not watching certain shows while i drift off and limiting my water intake too close to bed, which i hate because...hello, allergy season. pregnancy this time around also means i am ready for bed before dinner and usually make my way up shortly after. a understanding husband is key for this maneuver, he may not love my 7pm bed time, but he know how much work it is being a stay at home mom and is supportive.

my top secret weapon? keep the kids up (reasonably) late running circles around the living room or neighborhood! it has also meant taking away rowan's, the preschoolers, nap. which i may have cried a little bit about as we said good-bye.

now that the kids are out getting extra tired, i head up stairs to catch up on my dvr and tire my eyes out, this isn't far off, it has been a long day and i am exhausted!

trick number two? my bed is extra comfy and i have learned the magic of black out curtains recently – how do people possibly survive without these? no thanks, i would rather not be up with the sun. you can bet they are in the girls room too, they think the first sight of light means “rise and shine,” they are mistaken. we are working on sleep training these full grown children, i'll get back to you on how it is working out for me, ha!

but, you know how i can tell i got some good sleep in? i am up and busy in the kitchen well before my girls are there begging for marshmallow cereal!

but just in case you too are bothered by sleepless nights and need a little something extra to help you get your good solid eight hours in, check out zzzquil - a vick's otc sleep aid available at your kroger brand store, here in washington that would be any of your local fred meyer or qfc. make sure and grab this coupon before try zzzquil for a great nights sleep!

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melissa rohr said...

I have black out curtains as well.  It always annoys me on TV how they show people waking up to bright sunshine streaming through their window, who actually does that?