Saturday, June 9, 2012

a sweet potato

it is weird, i was just thinking this morning how this pregnancy has been by far my hardest, when i would have assumed it would be the opposite. i joked with tim a month ago, that if this wasn't already going to our last baby, that after those first few weeks, it would be anyway, it was rough.

i just find myself a lot more exhausted and unwilling - which is hard for a mama of three already, to admit, but my house is a mess friends and i am not making any apologies for it. this has been hard for me and my ocd tendencies too. which is probably why i don't really clean, usually it has to be all or nothing with me, and if i can't guarantee myself i'll get the whole house done, stella and i watch shrek seventeen times instead.

i have been having major wardrobe melt downs lately, i preplanned with lots of maxi skirts and accommodating shorts but june has brought us nothing but rain and cold and the realization i lack maternity friendly pants, so i wear my work out pants a lot. warm weather, where are you?

we scheduled the BIG ultrasound for thirteen days from now, my nail lady and massage therapist and midwife all guess girl, so i guess we will see! what are your bets?

How far along: eighteen+ weeks
How big is baby: around 6.7 ounces
Total weight gain: we aren't going to talk about that, but a lot.
Maternity clothes: a mix still, dying for a pair of jeans though - i officially can't fit into any of mine with out a little macgyver rubber band action.
Sleep: a little better then last week. finals i tell you, they are d r a i n i n g.
Best moment this week: if i ask stella if there is a baby in my big belly, she says no, then tells me there is one in hers. so confused. but, she helped my midwife listen for the heartbeat and got to turn the doppler on and off - i love seeing any of the girls be involved in this pregnancy.
Gender: unknown for now
Craving: virgin bloody mary's and the red robin menu. obsessed.
Movement: a little here and there, starting to feel more like flips then bubble popping.
Labor Signs: none, thankfully! this baby has a while to bake still.
Belly Button in or out: it is neutral.
Stretch marks: for life.
What I miss: my energy. where have you gone, yo?
What I am looking forward to: finding out the sex of this sweet potato on the 22nd!
Milestones: i broke the scale at my midwifes.
yep, same shirt different day.


melissa rohr said...

i totally lucked out bc a friend sent me 2 pairs of her old maternity jeans....they've been life savers in this weather!  where's the sun!?!?

melissa rohr said...

Old Navy tends to have sales quite frequently online. Maybe you can snag a pair or two there?

melissa rohr said...

I have three pairs of maternity jeans that are sitting unused. One is pea in the pod, one is gap (skinnys) and one is corduroy, maybe for the fall?? I also have others, but they arent as cute. You are welcome to them. Maybe we could meet up and I could let you try them on?

I honestly am thinking boy, but if I were you (wish I would be if we had a 4th), I'd be assuming girl. Honestly, as you already know, either way will be perfect. I always found that more often than not OTHER people were disappointed in the sex of my baby, when I was all "this is great!"

Hoping that whether or not its a boy or a girl, he/she is healthy and stays put till 37+ weeks. You are a lucky mama!

melissa rohr said...

um, that would be so amazing! you're so tiny though haha, but i would love to try them! it is so hard to spend a lot of money on more maternity clothes when i know i will def never use them again.

i totally agree, people will probably be way more bummed if it isn't a boy than tim and i haha! i am thinking more and more it will be a girl :) and hey, what a fun surprise if it is a boy! 

ps, we were totally just talking about coming down to play at the brand new spray/play park again soon! maybe we can plan a meet up soon?

melissa rohr said...

 yes! do you have my cell? I am pretty free these days. Addie is out of school and Portia is done on the 26th. Let me know if you are coming down! 310-3701. :)

Oh and I am definitely not tiny. I gained 60+ with my first and about 40 with the other two (but started heavier), I am positive the jeans would fit!

melissa rohr said...

haha, ok :) i'll check my calendar and we can try and plan something!