Tuesday, June 5, 2012

a washington hike: big four ice caves

after last weekends failed attempt to get out of the door on time for a family hike, this sunday i was determined. i woke up hoping to talk tim into walking around discovery park in seattle and hitting the beach at the end, but he suggested that we try and stay closer to home and see what granite falls and the mountain loop highway have to offer.

immediately i clicked through my google search to the big four ice caves, i grew up hiking to these and remembered the ease of the trail and what a sight it was when you got to the end. i also had looked at doing mt. pilchuck or lake 22 but with a recently potty trained toddler, the ice caves offered a 2.2 mile trip that would suit our needs a lot better. the ice caves hike also offers very little incline and beautiful boardwalk trails through some fun sights to see. i even stepped outside of my photography box and snapped some photos of the cool terrain and plant life.

the weather wasn't perfect and we had to laugh at ourselves along the way - we were all decked out in shorts and jackets, but everyone passing us or that we would see were practically in snow gear, we saw why later.

this is a awesome hike to do with kids, especially young ones. even though tim wore our kelty the entire trip, stella was adamant on walking herself and did so with ease. i am pretty excited to take the girls on this hike again, i am positive it is something i would be able to do myself with them, especially since right now i can't wear any packs with this belly.

we were a little bummed when we got to the top - no ice caves in sight! the glacier was still too big and snowy at the top and even came down onto the trails sort of cutting our expedition short. this was tim's first time up there so i was disappointed that i couldn't show him how cool it was. if i remember right, i had read the trail practically just opened for the season so i am sure it won't be long before we will see the caves open.

it is crazy to see all of the "warning" signs and the posted story about a person passing away in the caves awhile back. when i was little you could get right up to the mouth of the cave - of course our parents didn't let us go in for obvious reasons but now i am scared to even let my kids get within half a mile considering how unstable they are these days.

i can't believe how many awesome, kid friendly hikes are right in my back yard! i have already booked marked a few and added them to our summer to-do list. i am down to try some on my own but really love when we all hike as a family, so stay tuned for more washington hike adventures!

stella, the walking pemco commercial. "socks with sandals girl, you're one of us."


melissa rohr said...

love that last shot, that place looks awesome. you've inspired me to try a hike with my whole fam!

melissa rohr said...

That last pic of Stella might be my favorite ever.

melissa rohr said...

haha! seattle forest rain really does her hair good :) 

melissa rohr said...

it's all about finding the right one that everyone can do! i would totally be down to find a hike to do you with and your girls! zoe would love that!

melissa rohr said...

I remember seeing photos my parents took when they took us there when we were very little.  I will have to check that hike out, it sounds lovely.