Monday, July 30, 2012

i ♥ nyc

i am not even there yet and this city has my heart and full attention. i am on a official week long break from blogging while i squeeze some of my favorite online ladies, avoid the wine, and wear something other then sweats. i am a little overwhelmed but mostly just excited about this experience - i feel prepared and ready to conquer the week.

are you heading to blogher this week too? lately i have been diving into past and present blogher posts from some of my favorite people and have found them to be really helpful. i mean, just because this is my first time, doesn't mean it has to be that obvious, right? make sure and check out this post, you have the power at blogher! or read what chelsey has to say now that she is officially a blogher virgin no more, she asks, so you're going to blogher?

camera, mole skin, tylenol, phone charger - check. day and night outfits, anxiety, snacks and water bottle - check check. cute new shoes and purse - check check check!

i will have my laptop, but he will stay safe in my hotel room and be there just cause, well, i will have homework due the whole week long - so lame, right? so that means, to stay up to date on the hi, baby. happenings at blogher in new york city this year, make sure you follow me elsewhere...

are we friends on:
twitter: @olive_juiced
instagram: olive_juiced

because you can bet i will be tweeting my little thumbs off and there is guaranteed to be a flood of photos coming your way.

we, my room mates and i, are squeezing in our site seeing before the conference starts on friday - we have plans for the empire state building, circle line tours, central park, epic flea markets and more. even more exciting is that my brother in law is currently on a extended getaway in nyc and will be joining in on some of our fun! he has been there for a few weeks now so i am counting on him for us not to get lost somewhere.

so, have a great week and i can't wait to share all of my blogging and nyc adventures with you guys soon!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

words on wednesday: building a fence

step one: insert posts, or cute baby if you prefer.

daddy is baby wearing too, volume one!

"every baby needs a sling. every mom deserves one."

it is no secret that i, i mean we, collect baby wearing systems. we currently own, i count seven, and that isn't including the two doll size ones the girls frequently use to carry their babies...or the cat. it is nice to have a big stash depending on, well so many things - like the weather, the activity, the particular child you are carrying and so on.

not only is baby wearing good for the emotional and mental health of your baby as well as mom and dad's physical well being, it is a secret weapon in breastfeeding on the go! so, all of these reasons are great, but if you ask my husband, he gets right down to business about it - "it frees up your hands and your life when it comes to hassling with a stroller."

tim loves to baby wear the girls, well not zoe, that would be heavy. he started out wearing a almost two year old rowan when we first got a ergo years ago and i think it was a mutual love between those two. when stella was born he was a huge supporter of my growing baby carrier collection and would participate as long as it didn't involve my custom floral moby style wrap. he appreciated that we could roll up any of our carriers to fit in the diaper bag and it was there when we forgot a stroller, cause we were always forgetting a stroller...

fast forward to baby number four, our boy, and he couldn't be more excited to try some of the new carriers we have recently accumulated. he even took rowan for a test drive in one, that at almost forty pounds she hasn't hit the limit and loved being carried still.

one of our newest additions being a wonderful sling that snuggybaby sent us recently to review and giveaway, they wanted to know more about what tim thought about it and i was excited to hear too! together we agreed on the plum solid color sling, since mama would mostly wear it, but it wasn't a color that daddy would be afraid to be seen in public in! we both got our first chance to test drive it on our camping trip to the oregon coast last month and we both agreed it was the perfect addition to the trip because who wants to hassle with a stroller on the beach?

before we dive more into tim's take on the whole thing, i have to mention my favorite part about the snuggybaby ring sling - i can wear it, comfortably, with my growing belly! i can't say this about any of my other carriers so that puts this bad boy at number one in my book.

since tim is no word smith when it comes to talking about, well most things, but especially baby things, i came up with a simple question and answer for him:
what is your favorite carrier so far? why? "it is a tie beweteen the ring sling and mei tai. the ring sling felt pretty comfortable all over - the weight more evenly distributed and with my build it is nice how adjustable it was."
do you think your more comfortable carrying a newborn or a toddler? "newborn, duh they're lighter. i think once i get used to adjusting the sling, ergo, or mei tai on my own, carrying toddler won't be as bad"
what is the most handy part about baby wearing? "no strollers to push or monitor a loose child, cause that sucks."
which do you think is stella's favorite carrier to be worn in? "the kelty, cause it means we're out on a hike."
do you think you'll wear baby number four more then the girls? why? "it's hard to say. probably cause we have more carriers i am comfortable being seen in and also, you'll (me) will probably make me more."

getting baby out of the stroller and close to the parents is such a good idea! it is important to chose the right carrier for your needs and body type and you want to remember to shy away from soft carriers such as the bjorn or snuggly - they promote bad hip and leg placement and can cause serious problems down the road.
it doesn't just stop at ring slings for the snuggybaby family - they recently introduced their own line of mei tais (squee!) last week and they carry a huge array of other attachment parenting items like doll slings, wet bags, and wraps.

they have been a dream company to work with - they communicate great, send very informative and helpful videos with all of the carriers, help you choose what carrier will best fit your needs, and have a great story on how the wahm of two got started on the snuggybaby brand.

to help you get started or to build on your collection - snuggybaby wants to give you, one of my readers, a $50 credit to their online store! this is your opportunity to get that mei tai you have been dreaming about or start planning for your new little one with a ring sling that will fit them well into toddlerhood!

it doesn't end there! all of my readers are welcome to use the code HIBABY at checkout for 10% of their order!

entering is easy with rafflecopter! the bold options are mandatory and the rest are for fun and better chances to win! i will be checking entries so please be honest and fair - good luck, have fun, and tell your friends!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

my pre-blogher freakout, it was to be expected...

i was suppose to go to blogher last year, i literally had my finger on the "purchase" button when tim asked me to marry him and my life flipped, almost instantly, to a whirlwind of wedding planning and saving money, for more important things like forks and hamburger meat.

i was bummed but vowed i would go this year! february rolled around and i grabbed my ticket and secured my hotel, at a insanely discounted student price, because well school is hard and i deserve a treat, right? but, this was literally seconds before i found out that we were expecting baby boy and my belly started growing, fast...

fast forward to this last month, filled with nervous breakdowns in my closet over the lack of maternity clothes i owned or even wanted to buy from a place like motherhood. sparklecorn? where the heck do i find glitter that comes in "giant belly" size? don't even get me started on the heat. it will be how hot while i am there?

so i have searched and searched and thrifted like crazy to come up with what i think will be a good slew of clothes to follow me to new york next week. i say "slew" because you know i will have several bi-polar moments where something that looked good on monday before i left makes me look like a elephant at 3pm on wednesday, so i am taking many options, for each day...

i am so excited! and while i might not be diving into fancy party dresses and the gorgeous clearance glitter heels i scored at uo (that at 12 weeks pregnant i showed who was boss, but at 24 weeks i almost died while putting them on, then the husband vetoed me even taking them along), i am going to be fashionable yet comfy.

daytime sight seeing, in the days leading up to the conference will be all about bermuda jean shorts and xl cotton pocket tees from target, you know stuff i won't die of perspiration in. thank god for museums with ac! the conference, which i hear will be pleasantly chilly, will be a chance to wear comfy skinny and boyfriend jeans paired with cute tops, and finally for the maxi dresses, baby doll tops, and glitter flats! hopefully emily won't mind if the plane rides consist of yoga pants and hoodies...

that all being said, here are some outfits i threw together in hopes of looking like i knew what i was doing the whole time:
left: tank, maternity skirt, and hat ALL target. shoes are converse. right: top is buckle, barely pictured are dressy slack style shorts from motherhood maternity and the glitter flats are pay less. i bet you can't guess which party that outfit is for, ha.
sight seeing days! old navy maternity shorts and target cotton pocket tees. andplusalso, the most comfy practical flats ever! they are dr scholls which i felt totally geeked out buying but they are like a cloud for my feet and cute on top of all else.
conference attire! why yes, that is one of the bridesmaid dresses from our wedding last summer. i loved it so much when i picked it out for my girls, i had to have one too! dress is from nordstroms, tank, shoes, and belt are from target. right: top from motherhood, boyfriend roll up jeans are gap maternity, and sandals are target.
i am in love. one of these maxi dresses is from goodwill and the other macy's - i bet you can't tell which (ok, the one on the left is a thrift score)! sandals on left are volcom and on the right wetseal.
these little beauties will for sure be traveling with me! right: another goodwill score! i just need the perfect yellow belt to go with it. middle: looks hideous on me when i am not preggo, i tired it on for fun the other day and now i can't wait to wear it to a night time event! left: this was the second dress i wore at my wedding, it didn't stop there is one of my favorite dresses to wear from time to time, from ruche.

i don't want to give it all away but this is a good idea of what the inside of my suitcase will look like come next tuesday. i can't wait to play dress up and leave the sweats at home, a whole new ball game for me!

the countdown is on! seven days to go...

Monday, July 23, 2012

little truth nuggets

considering that this got a lot of attention when i posted it on facebook the other day, i figure why deprive you, my readers, from it awesomeness and the reality of this statement my eight year old made...

rowan: sometimes "maybe" means yes.
zoe: well, except when mommy says it - it always mean no...

nursery dreaming: the official plans!

i have been dreaming about this nursery since before he was even a he. it is weird, because when we bought and moved into this house a baby wasn't really on our radar yet, the third bedroom was just going to be a man cave and that was that. the three girls all share one room, cause well, it is huge! and seriously...if this had been another girl we would have done something in there with amazing built in bunks and they would have all shared, it is that big. 

fast forward to now, i am literally nipping at the heals to get started on this nameless boys room! my dad has been living with us since february but he moves out on saturday and the boxes of stuff i have ordered online have already been piling up out in the hallway.

i decided to break up the actual plan of buying/decorating into two parts - so i did no overwhelm us with the cost and i could get the major stuff done to get a better feel for the next direction i would take. the theme is "little world traveler" with some major eclectic modern vs. vintage going on. sounds tacky when i say it like that out loud but i promise it will be amazing!

despite my dads grief for the dark blue swatches that went up on the wall a few weeks ago that is exactly the direction i am going! i already purchased my two quarts of behr's midnight dream, in their paint + primer. it is so boy!
this is the crib we had scored a couple of months before we even got pregnant! a sweet ig friend was giving it away if i picked it up in portland and i didn't even hesitate to head down the next week. this = my dream crib, it just needs a little touch up from some toddler chewing. we purchased this ikea expedit shelf that will actually lay on its side under a HUGE world wall map i got off ebay for a amazing deal and this chevron rug will go right in front of baby boys crib.
using a credit i got from selling back some books to amazon, i scooped these metal baskets to go inside the expedit shelving turned bench, to house books and simple baby toys. this fabric will become some sheets - i am going crazy with patterns in this room and hoping i looks alright, ha! it will be paired with that brown striped crib skirt you see down there. orange and blue are the central colors i am working with so i plan to play around with some fun tones of both! finally, you see here a recycled magazine mirror! i scored a cheap cheap square mirror at lowes and plan to follow this super easy tutorial to add this to my boys room.
i have been scouring etsy for the perfect pillows to spread across the bench, i am doing this versus making a long pad so that the crisp white still makes a statement but with fun soft elements added - this guy along with some of his friends are for sure heading our way! the fabric in the middle is actually the exact stuff i used to make some curtains for our old apartment, they will be perfect to repurpose here - i just bought a new bulky rod and ring clips to freshen the look up a bit. my obsession with faux taxidermy is making its way into other rooms! i haven't decided if we will go with a resin look like this or a newspaper/paper mache one but i can promise this boys room will not be complete with out a deer head.
also, while at ikea last time i snagged three of these ribba frame ledges (i am pretty sure i need one more though!) that will go in exactly like this next to the window and the rocking chair, perfect for showcasing some of the fun books the girls and i have been collecting this year. i am still on the mad hunt for the perfect skinny tall vintage table to repaint and have next to the rocker. squee! this exact eames rocker showed up on my door today, i literally was about to purchase one off amazon when they went on insane sale on zulily, i couldn't believe my luck. i honestly was buying it more for show/the kids but was happily surprised when it is actually really comfortable! lastly, as i mentioned above - this is the crib skirt that will go with the fun orange sheets! i have decided to forgo a bumper, they are dangerous anyway and if need be we will eventually put up a mesh/breathable one.

my talented friend amy is going to help me whip up a diy pouf to go with the rocker and i want to add other touches like this "f-l-y" and her use of clipboards as frames, i saw a few months back.

i am headed to nyc for blogher just after the room will be officially cleared out - this means i can't really get to work till i get back, which is probably a good thing, it gives me more time to obsess over what won't fit me while i am at the conference, ha.

almost everything i just mentioned above, i have already gotten, at this point it is finding the perfect prints, baskets, lamps and so on to finish off the room. i can't wait to stalk goodwill and try out some local antique shops for the perfect finishing touches - i am officially on the mad hunt for some vintage license plates!

the best part? i have hardly spent anything so far! the crib was free and the rocker, ikea shelf and ledges were gifts from my dad. the baskets and part of the rug i bought of amazon using a trade in credit, but waited till i found the perfect good deals. the curtains repurposed from before...see where i am going with this? i am pretty proud of myself for not going crazy, which i have a habit of doing. i get better and better and hunting down used vs. new and only buying sale or clearance - it is amazing how much you can save when you're patient!

i can't wait to share the progress and room reveal with you, so stay tuned!

Friday, July 20, 2012

seattle outings: the space needle

[x] ride up the space needle

it is no secret my kids are cray-cray, like certifiably. zoe has been gaga over the space needle for a few years now but we put it off for two reasons: 1. it is crazy expensive (really i should just stop right here) and 2. i was positive she wouldn't like it as much as she was sure she would. 

this year rowan jumped on the band wagon of obsessing about this seattle landmark every time it came into their view or they saw a picture of it somewhere. any time we were in seattle the would talk about it non stop, how many elevators went up and down while they were watching, was it getting bigger or smaller depending on which way we were heading, do you think we could see this or that up there, oh look the space needle! (when we were in kirkland...) so tim and i, with reservations, added it to our summer bucket list and out loud promised the girls we would go, which means at this point it is concrete or we'll never hear the end of it.

this last sunday, after trying to scour the internet for some sort of coupon, with no luck, we packed up all the kids and headed downtown. thank god it was sunday and at least parking would be free! we had already decided to pull a fast one and say rowan was three, so she would be free, i mean come on, she is pretty close. we worked on her convincing, "i'm three!" the whole way down and we all ready for some adventures!

even with the little white lie and the fact stella is free too, it still cost almost $60 for our little family to ride up! which if this was the zoo we were talking about, that might not have hurt so bad, but if you have been to the space needle then you know, it doesn't amount to much - it is a ride up, a quick walk around, then a ride down. ok, i love our little tourist spot, but come on with the prices.

it is the 50th anniversary of the worlds fair so everything is spiffed up and you even get a free photo before you "launch":
amazing, right?

a grapefruit and a cantaloupe walk into a bar...

How far along: twenty three+twenty four weeks
How big is baby: who knows anymore, this whole fruit thing confuses me.
Total weight gain: not available.
Maternity clothes: yes! i am managing well with my goal to buy mostly non maternity options that will work well for awhile. 
Sleep: bad, most nights consist of a awake, ig and fb stalking, period at 3am till tim is up and i can have the whole bed to myself.
Best moment this week: ALL of the stuff i have ordered for baby boys room has come in, it is just little touches here and there i need now. flee market here we come!
Gender: boy! boy! boy!
Craving: E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G, but mostly just murdering BOXES of soft pretzels + mustard all day.
Movement: i can really feel this boy move now!
Labor Signs: none, thankfully! this baby has a while to bake still.
Belly Button in or out: out, very out.
Stretch marks: hate them with a passion, no new ones though this pregnancy so i guess that is a plus?
What I miss: being able to lay felt on the floor on my belly to stretch out my achey back! 
What I am looking forward to: ny, which has nothing to do with the baby, haha.
Milestones: hello sicatic nerve pain.

crazy crazy crazy that we are here at twenty four weeks already! you like how i combined this and last weeks? i promise, it is purely that i have become that lazy. exhaustion doesn't even begin to spell it out - i told tim we need to walk every night before i go to nyc next tuesday or i am going to literally die of lacking endurance right now - i am out of breath at the top of our stairs. a camel back has also been suggested...

baby boys room is totally coming my head. i have gotten in everything i have ordered so far and it is sitting in piles waiting for the current room occupant to move out, then it will be a major painting party! would it be totally crazy if i try and paint next week before i leave? probably. but i am literally that excited.

it is still completely surreal to me that i am growing a boy in there! want to hear something so weird, that i usually otherwise would never admit? and you can't judge me because i was eighteen and clearly nuts. when i was pregnant with zoe, before we knew she was a zoe and not a "insert boy name here" i swore i wouldn't nurse her, as a boy, i had this weird notion that it would "baby" him too much and create a weird relationship - i know, take me out back and shoot me. clearly i do not think this way at all and am over the moon that i will once again be able to nurse and bond with a baby that way. i still yearn for it with stella, even though she is two and we clearly haven't nursed for awhile. it is so strange the spell that amazing gift has on you, AND baby!

so all in all feeling great! not looking forward to the "car in pelvis," as i like to refer to it, aching that will come sometime in the next six weeks and not leave until he is here. i am suddenly having reservations about a home birth, or rather that it is unlikely i will have the chance to induce till after 42 weeks, i know that sounds bad, but hear me out - this pregnancy, size and measurement wise is already presenting a lot like rowan's and rowan was ten and a half pounds and i had her two weeks early. so it literally scares the crap out of me how big this baby might be if i even go past thirty-nine for some reason. sure, we know i can birth a rowan but any bigger than that it is really likely that i will need a c-section, i almost did with her. so this is def something i will bring up with my midwives this week - who knows, they may agree with me and suggest i go back to my beloved hospital midwife...i will keep you posted!

ok, that is all for now, see you next week!
see i really do own more shirts! and have other bathrooms, haha.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

gone to the beach

i pondered alternately titling this, "you are about to scroll through seven-hundred photos" but i figured i wouldn't give the plot away...
despite my predictions, the drive down didn't actually kill me. thank god for the last minute dvd player purchase to replace the ones that had broke last year, and the strategic gifting of the never ending story I and II, the girls were in heaven. it blows my mind the amount of stuff we packed up for this pretty quick packing trip. i am positive it was all necessity too, what the heck.

a little disappointment at my ability to operate in manual mode in the bright sun, i still managed to capture our yearly trip to the beach in detail. we usually head south to the oregon coast a little earlier in the summer, but this year wanted to try cannon beach during the fourth on for size - wanna hear something funny though? we didn't even participate in one holiday activity. after getting there late afternoon, playing at the beach, and setting up camp all we wanted to do was sit by the fire and snack on s'mores and we were totally ok with that plan! stella also wanted to get to bed as soon as possible, since you know, she was getting to sleep on a pink pool mat we bought for a dollar.

we did all our usual touristy things - tillamook, the outlets, seaside, and burying our children in the sand. this year was the first year we took all the girls, last year was just stella, and our first year was just tim and i, newly pregnant with stella. this was also the first time we timed daily visit to the haystack rock, just right when the tide was far out and we could view and touch a ton of sea life that was housed on the giant rock. stella was like a bull in a china shop, tromping and splashing through the tide pools probably killing many a sea anemone. oh, the looks we got from the wildlife personal at the sight of this and when tim actually pried a starfish off a rock. don't even get me started on the lady who yelled at rowan for stepping on a barnacle, a barnacle people, where just to the left of her there were 57,000 more of the exact same thing.

Monday, July 16, 2012

"ah-ha" moments and other times i want to plug my ears and hide

did you miss us? don't worry, we were here all along buried somewhere under piles of homework and opportunities to play in the sun! i may have gotten in over my head with the eighteen credits i signed on for this quarter but let's talk again about that next month, if i survive...

I'd like to think of myself as a "cool mom," and not because i drive a kick arse gold minivan but because i said i would be when i was thirteen, and well i just am.

i even wrote out a list once for my mom to put away that would prove when i was a mom someday i would do "these" things unlike all the crappy stuff my parents inflicted on us. where's the list, huh? i bet i do follow a lot of what i swore by, except yelling, i'll admit, i yell, it's the scorpio in me i guess, but i promise i hug and kiss a lot more.

that being said, i think i am being punished this year, with arguing, and bickering by my two oldest children. two oldest children? who am i? i am about to have baby number f-o-u-r and i am only about to celebrate my ten year reunion this summer. i am not complaining though.

back to the eye scratching, i mean arguing - my daughters, daughters - isn't it funny when you have those clarifying moments when you want to put your hand on your parents' shoulder and say, "i am sorry - i totally understand now." you know you do! i have been having a lot of those lately.

it has been a lot about who gets to sit in the middle seat of the van first or who sat there last time and i am having total deja vu moments of exact fights with my sister. or when rowan, who is younger, friends want more to do with zoë suddenly then rowan. or how zoë JUST CAN"T TAKE NO for a answer, that was so me, oh lord that was so me. i mean, shoot me now.

back to being a cool mom, our whole world revolves around these kids - the whole damn thing and i am starting to fear they aren't even grateful for it. tim pointed out to me the other day that i go nuts spoiling them and they usually aren't even asking for it. why is that? why am i spoiling...brats?

god, i don't even know where i am going with this post.

maybe i am writing it down so the truth is concrete, where does the switch flip and you become your parents? it really is a crazy when you hit that point! a lot of my friends just barely have kids stella's age and are moving on to number two, so i am not sure who is here with me yet, but you'll get here, i promise.

i can't even ask you to send wine...

so we endure and i try to say no more and spoil less. i laugh when my kids argue about things i used to argue about and really try and let them sort it out - as long as there is no blood, why not?

ok, bye.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

a papaya

How far along: twenty two+ weeks
How big is baby: around 20.8 ounces
Total weight gain: not available.
Maternity clothes: yes! i was so excited when i scored two, TWO, dresses at goodwill last night that will be maternity and cross over for after!
Sleep: good...i think. interrupted, but i feel pretty rested.
Best moment this week: getting started on baby boy's "world traveler" room
Gender: boy! boy! boy!
Craving: cotton candy, and i indulged at the coast this last week!
Movement: lots and i love it
Labor Signs: none, thankfully! this baby has a while to bake still.
Belly Button in or out: out, very out.
Stretch marks: hate them with a passion.
What I miss: being able to shave my own bikini line.
What I am looking forward to: our baby-q in september!
Milestones: i think we are closer to a name!

it is getting harder and harder to bend over and help toddlers into their little summer shorts but i am not complaining - this pregnancy is flying by and that is one thing this impatient mama appreciates, ha! we had our first home birth/ midwife appointment last week and i am super excited to work with this team - even though my nerves are bubbling up again :( they gave me some new tips to fight the acid reflux and heartburn that are already helping a lot!

i started on his nursery this week - ordering a few things here and there and a we made a quick stop in portland to pick up some furniture pieces tax free! we are going with a sort of vintage world traveler theme and i ordered a HUGE world map that will be the center piece of it all. after a quick Facebook poll i agree that we can totally survive without a real changing table - his room is upstairs anyway and i can't imagine i will sprint up the stairs every diaper change, the ottoman and a nice travel pad will do just fine!

speaking of diapers...i ordered a huge new stash this week too! we sold off almost our whole pocket stash we used with stella and traded in for refolds, covers and woolies. of course i ordered a handful of bum genius aio for those moments when i don't want to deal with folding and will be great for night!

i say this every time but i can't believe we are here at, well now, almost twenty three weeks! this baby could potentially be here in fourteen weeks and that is crazy talk. any bets on a due date? my estimated one is one day after me and tim's birthday, on november 8th. i guess we shall see!

ps, no official name yet - this has been a real struggle for us but i think we are almost there!
i swear to god i own more shirts then this! i just have bad timing on always wearing them when i remember to snap a weekly photo, ha!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

happy independence day!

we are at our favorite place on the planet for the rest of the week! building epic sand castles, eating cheese, splashing in the waves, you know all the best stuff on earth! that is, i we survived the car trip down here, ha!

we hope you all have the best fourth of july with your families and stay safe! i will be back next week with a giveaway winner, the start of a new series, pregnancy updates, and more. till then, have a great week!

love, the rohr's!

Monday, July 2, 2012

a banana

How far along: twenty one+ weeks
How big is baby: around 12.7 ounces
Total weight gain: not available.
Maternity clothes: yes! starting to plan for some fashionable options for NYC
Sleep: good, except my allergies are amplified with pregnancy, so that means 4am nose gushing sessions.
Best moment this week: i have started buying little things here and there for baby boy.
Gender: boy! boy! boy!
Craving: god, sugar. i am so screwed for my glucose test.
Movement: definitely feeling jabs and pokes daily!
Labor Signs: none, thankfully! this baby has a while to bake still.
Belly Button in or out: out, very out.
Stretch marks: this is weird this question is on here, like one week you might say, "oh, they just went away?"
What I miss: wearing stella.
What I am looking forward to: my appointment tomorrow with our new midwife team!
Milestones: nothing major, closer to him being here then we were last week :)

i am closer then i am further away, from having this boy in my arms! we meet our new midwife team tomorrow and i will get all of my home birth questions answers and i am so excited! his movement is so strong these days, i am feeling it in more places then just the tiny opening in the front where my anterior placenta wasn't covering and i even think i can tell when he "flips!"

still no name but we are down to a solid two, but knowing us this could change next week, ha! when we found out it was a boy, i made tim a hard-no edits allowed-list of stuff we need before he comes, luckily this being number four i have learned that we don't need a very long list of stuff. just things we ran out of or it would be weird if we used pink of, haha! like lotions and outfits for the first few days.
gap is having a great sale so i scored ten to twelve outfits to get my little man through his first few weeks, it will be winter and i can already bet we will be hanging out at home on the couch a lot.

i can't believe how fast this pregnancy is going! i leave for nyc is twenty-nine days and i hope baby wise it is super uneventful. i will have my midwife check my cervix the day before i go, to make sure it is nice and closed up. i think i am still in the safe zone to fly but i want to be extra safe about it.

so until next week!