Friday, July 20, 2012

a grapefruit and a cantaloupe walk into a bar...

How far along: twenty three+twenty four weeks
How big is baby: who knows anymore, this whole fruit thing confuses me.
Total weight gain: not available.
Maternity clothes: yes! i am managing well with my goal to buy mostly non maternity options that will work well for awhile. 
Sleep: bad, most nights consist of a awake, ig and fb stalking, period at 3am till tim is up and i can have the whole bed to myself.
Best moment this week: ALL of the stuff i have ordered for baby boys room has come in, it is just little touches here and there i need now. flee market here we come!
Gender: boy! boy! boy!
Craving: E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G, but mostly just murdering BOXES of soft pretzels + mustard all day.
Movement: i can really feel this boy move now!
Labor Signs: none, thankfully! this baby has a while to bake still.
Belly Button in or out: out, very out.
Stretch marks: hate them with a passion, no new ones though this pregnancy so i guess that is a plus?
What I miss: being able to lay felt on the floor on my belly to stretch out my achey back! 
What I am looking forward to: ny, which has nothing to do with the baby, haha.
Milestones: hello sicatic nerve pain.

crazy crazy crazy that we are here at twenty four weeks already! you like how i combined this and last weeks? i promise, it is purely that i have become that lazy. exhaustion doesn't even begin to spell it out - i told tim we need to walk every night before i go to nyc next tuesday or i am going to literally die of lacking endurance right now - i am out of breath at the top of our stairs. a camel back has also been suggested...

baby boys room is totally coming my head. i have gotten in everything i have ordered so far and it is sitting in piles waiting for the current room occupant to move out, then it will be a major painting party! would it be totally crazy if i try and paint next week before i leave? probably. but i am literally that excited.

it is still completely surreal to me that i am growing a boy in there! want to hear something so weird, that i usually otherwise would never admit? and you can't judge me because i was eighteen and clearly nuts. when i was pregnant with zoe, before we knew she was a zoe and not a "insert boy name here" i swore i wouldn't nurse her, as a boy, i had this weird notion that it would "baby" him too much and create a weird relationship - i know, take me out back and shoot me. clearly i do not think this way at all and am over the moon that i will once again be able to nurse and bond with a baby that way. i still yearn for it with stella, even though she is two and we clearly haven't nursed for awhile. it is so strange the spell that amazing gift has on you, AND baby!

so all in all feeling great! not looking forward to the "car in pelvis," as i like to refer to it, aching that will come sometime in the next six weeks and not leave until he is here. i am suddenly having reservations about a home birth, or rather that it is unlikely i will have the chance to induce till after 42 weeks, i know that sounds bad, but hear me out - this pregnancy, size and measurement wise is already presenting a lot like rowan's and rowan was ten and a half pounds and i had her two weeks early. so it literally scares the crap out of me how big this baby might be if i even go past thirty-nine for some reason. sure, we know i can birth a rowan but any bigger than that it is really likely that i will need a c-section, i almost did with her. so this is def something i will bring up with my midwives this week - who knows, they may agree with me and suggest i go back to my beloved hospital midwife...i will keep you posted!

ok, that is all for now, see you next week!
see i really do own more shirts! and have other bathrooms, haha.