Wednesday, July 18, 2012

gone to the beach

i pondered alternately titling this, "you are about to scroll through seven-hundred photos" but i figured i wouldn't give the plot away...
despite my predictions, the drive down didn't actually kill me. thank god for the last minute dvd player purchase to replace the ones that had broke last year, and the strategic gifting of the never ending story I and II, the girls were in heaven. it blows my mind the amount of stuff we packed up for this pretty quick packing trip. i am positive it was all necessity too, what the heck.

a little disappointment at my ability to operate in manual mode in the bright sun, i still managed to capture our yearly trip to the beach in detail. we usually head south to the oregon coast a little earlier in the summer, but this year wanted to try cannon beach during the fourth on for size - wanna hear something funny though? we didn't even participate in one holiday activity. after getting there late afternoon, playing at the beach, and setting up camp all we wanted to do was sit by the fire and snack on s'mores and we were totally ok with that plan! stella also wanted to get to bed as soon as possible, since you know, she was getting to sleep on a pink pool mat we bought for a dollar.

we did all our usual touristy things - tillamook, the outlets, seaside, and burying our children in the sand. this year was the first year we took all the girls, last year was just stella, and our first year was just tim and i, newly pregnant with stella. this was also the first time we timed daily visit to the haystack rock, just right when the tide was far out and we could view and touch a ton of sea life that was housed on the giant rock. stella was like a bull in a china shop, tromping and splashing through the tide pools probably killing many a sea anemone. oh, the looks we got from the wildlife personal at the sight of this and when tim actually pried a starfish off a rock. don't even get me started on the lady who yelled at rowan for stepping on a barnacle, a barnacle people, where just to the left of her there were 57,000 more of the exact same thing.

we tried out fort stevens, a camping and picnicking, place right when you cross over from astoria. i was super excited to see these "ship remains" tim had mentioned but was bummed when i finally saw that all it was, was some metal shards from a ships hull. i didn't even remember to go find the board the explained its meaning. that beach was super windy but the girls stayed mildly entertained playing in a driftwood fort that a previous beach goer had forged. oh, and we lost one of our good gardening shovels...dun dun duh.

tim picked up a skim board for zoe, that pre pregnant me has been dying to try out, i had to live vicariously as she attempted to teach her self how to do it. i'll have to admit she got it down pretty fast - she may have fallen as much as she caught a ride but by our last day other kids were asking her what the secret was - we pretended like we knew what we were talking about...

rowan was game for a good sand burial and i was hoping to catch another epic christmas card photo, but alas stella would have nothing to do with this task, which really didn't explain why when we got to the car she had the same matching stash of sand in the lady part area of her swim suit, those poor girls.

as we headed out of town we grabbed coffee and breakfast from a town favorite, of the crumbs on this muffin i got, i might have died and gone to food heaven. then we hit up a local art shop where i had been eyeing some awesome vintage prints to take home. i am in love with the one i got and decided every year now i will grab another one to collect...cannon beach is really my favorite place on the planet.

no trip to oregon wouldn't have been complete without a stop in portland for some tax free shopping. we hit up ikea for some baby boy nursery essentials and tim shopped the car hart store for forty-five minutes while i plotted his death as we all sat crabby in the car. it was a great trip and i am even getting excited already about next year when we will introduce baby boy to our favorite family vacation spot!

sidenote: my editing was sort of all over the place with these. since there were so many i didn't want to have to edit twice, so this was how i did it for my own personal use and printing. -management
thanks for taking a peak at our vacation!


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